Getting to know BB: Alyssa Martin, Surrogate & Client Manager

For the latest instalment of our series, we hear from one of the newest team members, Alyssa. In her own words, she explains how she came to work with BB as a surrogate, and then to join the team, and shares a little about her very international life!

Getting to know Alyssa Martin

I’m one of the newer recruits to the team and work as both a Surrogate Manager and a Client Manager for Intended Parents (IPs) looking into surrogacy abroad in the US or Canada. I have the absolute pleasure of working from home – although as the wife of a US Armed Forces member, ‘home’ constantly changes!

This summer, I have been lucky enough to be able to work from Hawai’i while my husband is stationed here for 6-8 weeks. Usually, I work from our apartment in Tokyo, surrounded by our two boys (Hayden – 8 & Grayson – 5!) and two kitties (Danny & Wendy – both 4!). We have also been lucky enough to be stationed in California, Texas, and England, of course!

Right out of high school, I joined the US Armed Forces where I met my husband, had a child, and fell in love. We were exceptionally lucky to be very fertile. Close friends of mine were not so lucky, and struggled with PCOS, Endometriosis, or unexplained infertility. This led me to an interest in surrogacy.

I signed up with an agency in California and was quickly matched with a wonderful heterosexual couple from France! We were exceptionally lucky that our first transfer stuck, and I became pregnant with twins in 2013.

It was much more difficult than I expected, especially having a young child and a deployed husband for much of the pregnancy. I relied heavily on my mum who flew across the country to help when I called and my community of local friends who were always so supportive. I delivered the twins much faster than anyone imagined-just 45 minutes from my water breaking to the first baby emerging while I was labouring in the pool! Her sister arrived just 30 minutes later after I had climbed out onto the bed.

Quickly followed was my second son’s pregnancy in 2015 after an unexpected move to the UK! It has been wonderful to be able to just take the Chunnel across and visit the twins and they all consider each other cousins.

When my second was about a year old, I asked my husband how he felt about doing another surrogacy. He was again hugely supportive, but we were both nervous navigating the different laws. I was drawn to BB’s support for us and was again matched with a lovely heterosexual couple. It took us FIVE transfers this time, but I was finally able to deliver them a healthy singleton right in the middle of the first lockdown in May 2020. It was of no surprise to all of us that it was another girl!

My passion for helping people has always been a huge part of me. I am also a Labour & Postpartum Doula helping birthing persons antenatal, during labour, and postpartum. I have been lucky enough to support both surrogates and IPs as a doula. I have also enjoyed being a childminder when my children were younger, drawn to the profession by the unique needs of supporting working spouses and providing them with help when their partners are deployed.

I finished up my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) just three weeks after my second surrogacy was completed-right in the middle of the first lockdown! Now, I have been pleased to join the Brilliant Beginnings team from the inside. I can finally put my unique knowledge of US and UK surrogacy to use by assisting both Surrogates and IPs.

By Alyssa Martin, Surrogate and Client Manager


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