Getting to know BB: Heidi Burrows, Legal Manager

Getting to know BB is our ongoing series spotlighting each of the members of our team. In their own words, they share a little about themselves, how they came to Brilliant Beginnings and the impact of their work.

This week, you can read all about Heidi, one of BB’s Legal Managers.

Getting to know Heidi Burrows

I work in the legal team at NGA Law. You will find me based at our London office where I enjoy (unlimited) oat milk lattes and hanging out with Henry (our co-founder Helen’s lovely dog) who keeps me safe from any passing squirrels.

I have always known I wanted to be a lawyer, after 5 years studying law at university I am currently (still) studying part-time to become fully qualified. I would describe myself as fairly detail oriented and I take pride in helping others. My friends coined the nickname Tidy Heidi a few years back due to some serious organisation skills!

When not working or studying you can find me swimming and yoga-ing. I enjoy travelling, having studied abroad in Spain and the Netherlands. I also worked as an au pair in Spain every summer during university with a lovely family who have become my second family.

Prior to starting at NGA Law, I studied a specialist legal master’s degree in children’s rights which focused on prioritising children in legal and policy decisions. After graduating, I began working at a law firm where I specialised in child protection, before joining the powerhouse legal team at NGA Law in 2019.

Despite surrogacy being my very much everyday reality, my sincere respect for surrogates and parents does not diminish. It is always at the forefront of my mind that surrogacy is one of the greatest acts of kindness, friendship and love. Without a doubt, my favourite part of my job is learning from my clients and understanding their stories.

I believe the law’s role in surrogacy arrangements should be about safeguarding everyone’s interests and promoting safe and considered journeys. I am proud that we continue to spearhead campaigning for reform to achieve this.

I feel privileged to play my part in helping families growing via surrogacy navigate the UK legal system. I look forward to getting to know all Brilliant Beginnings parents and hope to meet with you soon to answer all your legal questions (p.s. there are no silly questions when speaking to me!).

By Heidi Burrows, Legal Manager


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