Getting to know BB: Stephen Ashe, Client Development Manager


Another in our series from our Brilliant Beginnings team. Each team member has written about themselves, offering some insight into what we do for a living and in life!

Getting to know Stephen Ashe

Hi, I’m Stephen. Many moons ago I was incredibly lucky to have met a man that I knew was a keeper. We talked about growing our family very early on in our relationship (not quite first date), and in between having the opportunity to experience life and travel to some amazing places, we began in earnest around 2010 to think about how we could make this a reality.

Surrogacy with egg donation was our route, and for us it was a joyous experience. Notwithstanding some ups and downs, our family has now grown to include an amazing son and daughter. We met a number of amazing people, but most precious to us are the two women that helped to carry our children. They will forever hold a special place in not only our hearts, but also our children’s and our wider family who have become aunts, uncles and grandparents thanks to them.

Our family is now complete, and alongside our children we have two cats, Mitou (my partner is French and this means Kitty), and Wilma! Whilst I don’t have the time that I used to, I still love to run, go the gym and from time to time pick up my guitar and badly strum out some tunes.

Life aside from parenthood has changed a lot for me over the years. When I finished university, having studied Criminology, I was dead set on becoming a detective like Cracker (Robbie Coltrane). After working in retail and restaurants for a couple of years, I joined the Police service and did become a Detective, albeit a bit slimmer and healthier than Cracker was! When our second child was born, a little girl, I knew that I wanted to have the flexibility to be able to focus on our young family, but also share my experience of surrogacy with others. Working at Brilliant Beginnings is a joy and has enabled me to do both.

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