Getting to know BB: Teresa Coote, Surrogate Manager

We are continuing our series focusing on our wonderful Brilliant Beginnings team with one of our surrogate managers. Each team member has penned their own post to offer some insight into their lives, their experiences with surrogacy and their work within BB.

Getting to know Teresa Coote

I am so pleased to be able to introduce myself. Coming from a large family, with five siblings (and now countless nieces and nephews) my name has been shortened so now I simply go by T. This no doubt makes it easier on my mum when trying to remember who she is talking to! I am a mum myself to a pair of energetic divas, aged 8 and 7. Though close in age, they are very different! One is often dancing away with the fairies, while the other is testing out her best wrestling moves!

I love being a mum and having the opportunity to create my own family unit, including a grumpy rabbit and a crazy puppy (both girls so my partner is truly surrounded). Two passions in my life are music and dancing and I encourage my girls to embrace these as well. Some of our best moments have been dancing around the living room to our favourite tracks!

In my previous life I worked as a teacher and was well known for having the radio, or a sneaky Spotify playlist on while my students worked. I even taught Zumba to colleagues and students for a while.

That really is another passion of mine, helping other people. I have always taken on teaching roles where I could work with young people that were vulnerable (ex-gang members, victims of bullying and looked after children) and even spent some time volunteering in my local community to help young people move away from crime.

Thinking back on my life, I am actually not surprised that I became a surrogate. I have always felt blessed for everything I have ever had and feel compelled to help others achieve their dreams too. Whatever they may be. Knowing the joy of parenthood awakened a calling in me to do something to give that same feeling to others. Now I am a proud two-time surrogate.

I delivered twins in 2017 and after some time realised that I felt pulled towards another journey and towards a role that allowed me to support other surrogates. I am now on my second journey with a new couple and loving it!

My role with BB has taught me so much already and I have loved being able to connect with people about their hopes for surrogacy. I look forward to every day at work and being able to keep helping people.

By Teresa Coote, Surrogate Manager

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