A word from Helen and Natalie

“When we set up Brilliant Beginnings in 2013, the surrogacy landscape was very different from today. Through our legal work at our sister organisation NGA Law, we had seen the problems – often avoidable – that arose in surrogacy both internationally and here in the UK when communication broke down, when people were not adequately prepared, or when those going overseas struggled to identify reputable professionals or got caught in the gaps between mismatched legal systems. We knew that surrogacy could be an amazing experience for all involved but that it needed to be managed safely, legally and ethically. We felt increasingly that we needed to do more.

“We set up Brilliant Beginnings to enable more positive stories for those building families surrogacy. Safety has always been our guiding star. Ensuring that our professional support is impartial, delivered with integrity and bespoke to what every individual needs is our ongoing mantra. Ultimately, we want surrogates to get the exceptional support they deserve, we want parents to create the families they long for in an ethical way, and we want the children we help bring into the world to have pride in where they came from.

“We have always been passionate change-makers. The instigators of the campaign for surrogacy law reform, going back to 2007, we have not just talked about the need for law reform but have taken action that has moved the law forward. Our way is always gentle, consistent and positive. In court we have pushed the boundaries of all of the parental order criteria, forged the solutions for parents going overseas and even changed the law to include single parents. We have also been the quiet force behind many legislative changes, including maternity leave rights for parents through surrogacy,  surrogacy-inclusive law changes on embryo storage and British nationality, and even the emergency passport process introduced to rescue children born during the COVID pandemic. We routinely work with government, leading organisations and international bodies and never stop looking for opportunities to move things forward.

“Since we started Brilliant Beginnings, our robust surrogacy process has also helped change the landscape of UK surrogacy. We think it says a lot that more than half our team are now surrogates who are advocates for our best practice surrogacy and are passionately committed to giving other surrogates the support they had.”

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