Who we are


Brilliant Beginnings is a non-profit professional surrogacy agency based in the UK, which supports intended parents (who are based in the UK or are British living overseas), surrogates and professionals.

We have a long history of creating change to make families possible.

Our approach


We are dedicated to ethical surrogacy based on strong relationships, honesty and transparency.

Working for over a decade as part of a wider team with the UK’s leading surrogacy law firm NGA Law, we have access to cutting edge legal help, and are known for making change by pushing boundaries in a gentle positive way.

We work with intended parents who are based in the UK or are British living overseas and we are non-profit, which means only our costs are charged to intended parents.

We have always sought to set the gold standard for surrogacy in the UK, innovating and applying a belt and braces approach.  We guide our teams through every step, providing exceptional care to protect and support, and to safeguard the welfare of the child at the heart of every surrogacy journey.

Our story


Our founders are Helen Prosser and Natalie Gamble, whose long experience as surrogacy experts with NGA Law had made them acutely aware of the vulnerability of informal UK surrogacy arrangements and the difficulties experienced by UK parents going overseas for surrogacy. They wanted to provide professional support which would enable safe ethical surrogacy.

They founded Brilliant Beginnings in 2013 to offer a fully-managed surrogacy service for the first time in the UK, and to show what professionally-regulated safe surrogacy might look like. Their vision was to underpin the relationship-based ethos of UK surrogacy with stronger safeguards, and to help UK parents navigate ethical international surrogacy more smoothly.

Our team

We have grown into an established close-knit team, with a range of relevant professional and personal experience, including parents through surrogacy and donation and Brilliant Surrogates who have completed their own surrogacy journeys. We are all adamant about setting the highest standard for UK and international surrogacy and delivering our service with integrity, care and kindess.

How we make a difference


We are at the forefront of campaigning for UK surrogacy law reform, and have won many important legal changes

Education and awareness

We work with government and leading organisations, conduct research and speak at events and in the media

Surrogacy law reform

We are calling for UK and international surrogacy law which properly recognises ethical surrogacy and includes all family forms

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