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We help intended parents start or grow their families, steering them through safe ethical surrogacy in the UK and overseas.

We are leading UK surrogacy experts who can help you find a surrogate in the UK or USA.

Our non-profit professional services are:

Options Review meetings

Expert impartial advice on how surrogacy works and your options in the UK and abroad if you are starting out

UK Surrogacy Pathway

A fully-managed UK surrogacy service, including one-to-one matching with a prepared surrogate and support through every step

USA Surrogacy Pathway

Steering you through a safe and ethical US surrogacy journey from planning and budgeting to bringing your baby home

UK Surrogacy Agreement Pathway

A professional support service to help you manage the surrogacy process if you are working with a UK surrogate you already know

Things to consider before you start

Parents we help

We help a diverse range of parents building their families through surrogacy

How long does surrogacy take?

Surrogacy takes time. It is important to be prepared for what the process involves

How much does surrogacy cost?

Surrogacy can be an expensive process and it is important to budget carefully

Brilliant Beginnings helped us through the entire process of creating our family.  From very early discussions to matching us with a surogate right through to the parental order process and beyond, we always felt safe in their hands.

Parents through UK surrogacy

Brilliant Beginnings certainly lived up to the name!  From the moment I contacted them to meeting my baby I felt helped and supported.  The right information and advice was offered at each stage of the journey and in such a friendly and supportive way that I felt part of a family before mine had actually become a reality.

Dad through US surrogacy

A bit more about us


Brilliant Beginnings was the UK’s first non-profit professional surrogacy agency, offering a fully-managed surrogacy service for ethical UK and international surrogacy, with exceptional care at its heart.

We are prominent campaigners for UK surrogacy law reform and we regularly advise government and organisations, as well as educating and raising awareness about surrogacy.

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Surrogacy information

Find out more about the practicalities, emotions and long-term implications of surrogacy in the UK and overseas

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Surrogacy resources

Search for resources on surrogacy, including official guidance, law, research and more

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