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Surrogates are exceptional people who deserve exceptional support. Our experience ensures you get this before, during and after your journey to create a family for someone else.

What does it mean to be a surrogate?


A surrogate, usually a mother herself, is someone who carries a baby for someone else who can’t carry a pregnancy. Surrogacy is a gift surrogates are able to give. And it’s a pretty phenomenal one.

Being a Brilliant Beginnings surrogate


We set up Brilliant Beginnings to give surrogates the exceptional support they deserve to realise their own dream to help someone else complete their family. Being a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings means being supported through every step of your surrogacy journey.

Our proven surrogacy process is designed to keep you safe, and is built from years of experience. We work closely to support the relationship between you and your chosen intended parents, with your safety and wellbeing at the centre.

As a personal touchpoint, we ensure the perfect match and continuous support, helping you get all you hope for from this remarkable experience.

Can I be a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings?

In order for your surrogacy to be successful and safe for you, there are some basic criteria. These are there to protect your and your family’s wellbeing, as well as to meet the requirements set by fertility clinics in the UK. You need to:

Be fit, healthy and over 21

Our surrogates are physically and mentally healthy, have a BMI between 19 and 30, and are over 21 years old.

Have already had a baby

We want to make sure you know what to expect from pregnancy, and feel confident you can carry a baby safely.

Be willing to have fertility treatment

You need to be prepared to have fertility treatment at a licensed clinic in the UK in order to get pregnant.

Be well supported

Support from your partner, if you have one, or another close friend or family member, is very important.

Be a non-smoker

If you smoke now, you need to have given up completely for six months before you can apply.

Complete screening and preparation

To become a Brilliant Surrogate you will also need to complete our screening and preparation process.

Fit our criteria and want to get started?

Fill in our short application form if you are interested in becoming a surrogate with us, and we will get back to you soon.

Why be a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings?

We keep you safe

Our proven surrogacy preparation and screening programme has been carefully designed over years of experience to get you fully prepared for surrogacy and to safeguard your physical and mental wellbeing.

We match you

Our unique and personal one-to-one matching service is designed to help you to find the ideal match.  Our experience takes the burden off you, ironing out all the wrinkles in advance to give you the surrogacy journey you deserve.

We care for you

Our professional team will ensure you have everything you need at every step of your surrogacy journey. Our approach is caring, bespoke, tailored to your personal needs. There are no time limits – our service is only limited by what you want from us.

Got a question about being a surrogate?

Our Surrogate Manager has been a surrogate herself and knows exactly what it is like.

She loves talking about her experience, about working with Brilliant Beginnings and about how surrogacy works in the UK.

There are no silly questions!

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Our surrogate community

Our surrogate community is vitally important to us and our surrogates. Being able to speak to, hear from and connect with other surrogates is a great way to get first-hand support and advice about a very unique experience. We have two Facebook Groups, one for those considering surrogacy and one for our Brilliant Surrogates.

For Brilliant Surrogates, we also offer a number of special events and touch-points as part of our service. You can find more about these on our Surrogate Community page.

Teresa decided to become a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings after she found out her brother was unable to conceive naturally. This is her story.

What our surrogates say to us

I rate Brilliant Beginnings for their attention to detail, matching skills and support.  If becoming a surrogate is something you are considering I would highly recommend them.

I chose Brilliant Beginnings because they just ‘got me’.  They understood my priorities, and were respectful of me and my family set up.

Thanks you so much, and honestly your support has been amazing!!!

The way you use profiling to match intended parents to potential surrogates is unique and second to none. I have been matched to two couples, on two different journeys, with you now and cannot thank you enough for the amazing friendships I have developed with both couples.

I honestly couldn’t have done it without you as part of BB and the support you’ve given and continue to give, you totally understand my feelings and the whole surrogacy process.

I wouldn’t go anywhere else to be a surrogate!

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Are you thinking of being a surrogate for a friend or family member?

If you are considering being a surrogate for someone you already know, perhaps a sister, friend or work colleague, we can help you.

You won’t need our matching service, but we can still support you through your journey.

Need more information?

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If you have any questions, big or small, about being a surrogate, then please do get in touch.

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