Our surrogate community

Enjoy events and private groups where you can connect with other surrogates

As well as having personal one-to-one support throughout your surrogacy journey, you can join our community and get to know other amazing surrogates. We host regular events, in-person and online, retreats, and have private social media groups. These events and groups are a great way for experienced and new surrogates to connect and share stories.

Surrogate retreats


We love bringing our Brilliant Surrogates together to share support, inspiration and experience.

Our surrogate retreats are a day of good food, discussion, fun activities and a lot of laughter, all to celebrate and pamper the amazing women we support.

What some of our surrogates had to say about our retreats

Giving surrogates the opportunity to get together is so much more important that I first realised. Being with someone who just ‘got’ it without needing to justify or explain first was amazing.


It was so helpful to hear how Brilliant Beginnings was there for people at the tough times and that we are never going to find ourselves stuck without support.


Dinner dates


We get together with our surrogates and their partners in the evenings.

It’s great to have the chance to catch up informally, as well as to introduce surrogates to other surrogates who live near them.

Our Facebook group just for surrogates


Don’t just listen to what we have to say about ourselves.  Join our closed Facebook group for surrogates (and women thinking of becoming surrogates) to engage with other Brilliant Surrogates who have been there and done it.

They are a kind and generous bunch, always happy to share their experience.

Events online and in person


We hold video conferencing evenings at which we talk to surrogates about a range of topics, from expenses, to birth, to matching and more.

As part of our community you will also be invited to events we are running or are involved in.


Want to know more?


Learn more about what requirements there are to becoming a surrogate with Brilliant Beginnings, and how we support our Brilliant Surrogates with bespoke advice.

Surrogate screening and preparation

How we ensure your physical and mental wellbeing.

One-to-one, personal matching

How we help you to find the ideal intended parent/s to match with.

Benefits for our surrogates

What additional benefits there are to working with a surrogacy agency