Education and awareness


Brilliant Beginnings provides training, education and resources about surrogacy.

Just some of the organisations we have been asked to advise on surrogacy:

Our research


Working with the world-renowned Cambridge University Centre for Family Research, we co-authored the first major study to compare the experiences of UK families conceiving through surrogacy in the UK and overseas. Our research involved 203 UK families, of whom 2/3 had gone overseas for surrogacy.

The study made important findings about why UK parents are choosing UK or international surrogacy, and in understanding the experiences parents have in different surrogacy destinations.

Read the published peer-reviewed research papers

Parents’ motivations and experiences

Find out more about why parents chose to stay in the UK or go overseas for surrogacy, and how their experiences differed.

Relationships between parents and surrogates

Find out more about how close relationships were common in UK, US and Canadian surrogacy, but less so elsewhere.

Public speaking


Our team is regularly asked to speak at national and international conferences, including those of the Royal College of Nursing, British Fertility Society, Progress Educational Trust, Family Law Bar Association, and the Academy of Assisted Reproduction Attorneys.

We raise awareness at LGBT+ diversity events and seminars for families, and we give training to fertility clinics and other professionals involved in surrogacy.

Articles we have had published in medical and legal journals

Modern surrogacy practice and the need for reform

H Prosser and N Gamble, Journal of Medical Law and Ethics, 2016

Surrogacy needs a sensible national and international framework

N Gamble, International Family Law, 2012


Regulating reproductive donation (book)

ed. Susan Golombok et al, N Gamble chapter on UK surrogacy, Cambridge University Press, 2016

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