USA Surrogacy Pathway

What is our US Surrogacy Pathway?


Our US Surrogacy Pathway is a safe, trusted, professional UK service offering tailored personal care, and full UK legal support, through your entire US surrogacy journey.

Drawing on our unrivalled experience and established relationships in the US, we manage the US surrogacy process for you, supporting your choices, pulling the strings together, and providing guidance and care if challenges arise along the way. Since we work closely together with our sibling organisation NGA Law, UK legal support is also an integral part of the pathway at every step.

Below, we explain the steps of our US Surrogacy Pathway. If you would prefer to speak to someone about how we can help you with surrogacy in the US, then please get in touch. We’d be happy to speak with you.

Why intended parents choose Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law


Brilliant Beginnings has leading surrogacy expertise and industry knowledge, with experience managing successful US surrogacy journeys since 2013.

NGA Law is the UK’s leading surrogacy law firm, having worked at the forefront of international surrogacy and shaped the law in this area for decades.

Together we are committed to enabling safe and ethical relationship-based surrogacy, and to providing our clients with exceptional care. We are independent and impartial, offering personalised advice based on our established relationships with the best US professionals without any financial reciprocity (no retainers, no directories). 

Comprehensive support from our team, whenever you need it


Our unique tailored personal service will steer you safely through your US surrogacy journey. We will coordinate, move things along, solve any practical problems that arise and provide reassurance and support in your decision-making at every step.

You will have a dedicated Brilliant Beginnings Client Manager, and access to all the expertise in our team to provide whatever you need. We don’t just act as a touch-point if we are needed; we walk the journey with you at every step and the support we provide is unlimited.

Full legal support from the UK’s leading surrogacy lawyers


NGA Law is the UK’s most experienced surrogacy law firm, handling more US surrogacy cases each year than any other UK law firm and having worked on nearly all the leading surrogacy cases which have shaped UK surrogacy law. NGA Law provides a full service of UK legal support to all Brilliant Beginnings clients on our US Surrogacy Pathway.

You will have a dedicated Legal Manager from the NGA Law team will work alongside your Brilliant Beginnings Client Manager to meet all your UK legal needs, including: 

  • UK legal advice at the outset and whenever you need it,
  • coordination with your US attorney and input into your US legal documents,
  • specialist wills to protect your family,
  • bringing your baby home to the UK and securing his or her UK passport, and
  • legal representation in your High Court parental order application.

From our families created through US surrogacy

Thank you all at Brilliant Beginnings, who guided and supported me so well through what turned out to be a truly wonderful American surrogacy.

Single dad

A huge thank you for all your invaluable help and advice, for being with us every step of the way and helping us bring our daughter into the world. What an amazing journey it’s been! 

Different-sex parents through US surrogacy

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The steps of our US Surrogacy Pathway

Step 1.


Getting started


The first step is to decide that the US is the right surrogacy option for you.

If you haven’t reached a settled decision then we would suggest an Options Review consultation. In this meeting, we can explain all the surrogacy options available to you, in the UK and internationally, and/or discuss US surrogacy with you in more detail.

If you have already settled on a US surrogacy journey, you can complete our application form to get started. From there, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to talk through the whole process, to help you budget and to explore your preferences and expectations for your US surrogacy journey.

Step 2.

Choosing the right US professional partners and UK legal advice


You will need a team of trusted professionals for US surrogacy and we can help you to choose the right partners, with tailored personal advice.

For US surrogacy, you will need:

  • a surrogacy agency – to screen and support your surrogate and match you
  • a US fertility clinic – for your IVF treatment
  • a US attorney – for your surrogacy agreement and to make you your child’s legal parent(s) under US law.

We will make recommendations, work with you to put together a shortlist, be part of your initial calls or meetings with them, and help you decide who to work with.

From there you will have a legal review meeting with your Legal Manager to understand the UK legal process.

Step 3.

Creating your embryos


We will help you manage the logistics of arranging fertility treatment for the conception of your child, working with you and your other professional partners to ensure things run smoothly.

Depending on your situation we will help you with:

  • choosing an egg donor,
  • depositing or exporting your sperm,
  • creating embryos in the US, or
  • exporting embryos you have already created.

Step 4.

Working through your match


When your US agency finds you a surrogate we will help you consider whether the match is right for you.

We will ensure the US legal process runs smoothly. Your Client Manager will coordinate with your US attorney as needed while you put your gestational surrogacy agreement in place, and your Legal Manager will advise you and review the documents from a UK law perspective. We will also make sure you have the right UK documentation in place, including specialist wills.

Step 5.

Embryo transfer and pregnancy


We will support you through the steps of transferring your embryos, celebrating with you if you are successful and helping you regroup and support any decision-making you need to make if not.

No surrogacy journey goes entirely to plan but we will be there to care for you and to support you no matter what happens.

Step 6.

Preparing to welcome your child, and getting you home safely


Once your pregnancy is established, your Client Manager will help you prepare for the birth in the US in practical terms, and your Legal Manager will advise you on travel/immigration and if needed provide confirmation to your employer of your eligibility for surrogacy leave. We’ll be on hand as you take your flight out and celebrate with you when your baby arrives!

After the birth, we will support you with heading home, including providing a letter to help you at border control.

Step 7.

Securing your UK legal status


NGA Law will represent you in your parental order application to the High Court.

You can choose the level of service right for you: 

  • Premium pathway – NGA Law will manage all aspects of the process for you from start to finish, preparing all your evidence and running the court process quickly and efficiently as possible, as well as managing the applications for your child’s UK birth certificate and UK passport.
  • Basic pathway – NGA Law will represent you in your parental order application with lighter-touch support, working in tandem with you and helping you prepare your evidence and navigate the process smoothly.

Costs of US Surrogacy

Surrogacy in the US typically costs £150,000 to £220,000 in total, and our professional and legal fees are included within this overall budget.

We offer two options: our Premium Pathway and our Basic Pathway.

Our Premium Pathway

The Premium Pathway includes our end-to-end professional service, with NGA Law’s premium legal representation service for your parental order.

£31,000 plus VAT

Our Basic Pathway

The Basic Pathway includes our end-to-end professional service, with NGA Law’s basic legal representation service for your parental order.

£17,000 plus VAT

Our fee payments are staged

For our US Surrogacy Pathway, payments are made at set points in your journey:

When you sign up: £6,000 plus VAT (Brilliant Beginnings) and £2,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

When you are matched: £3,000 plus VAT (Brilliant Beginnings) and £2,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

On your 20 week scan:  £4,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

On birth (if you have opted for our premium pathway):  £14,000 plus VAT (NGA Law) charged as 4 monthly instalments of £3,500 plus VAT

In addition to our fees you will need to pay for your US agency fees, US surrogate/donor compensation, fertility treatment costs, US health insurance, US legal costs and personal travel and accommodation.  We will help you to budget as part of our service.

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