How we match one-to-one

Positive surrogacy journeys are built on trust, harmony and teamwork, with a big dose of altruism and gratitude.

We help our surrogacy teams to forge a close relationship with foundations in honesty and transparency.

Finding the ideal match for you

Your relationship with your chosen intended parents matters enormously.  The way we match is unique in the UK, designed to take the pressure off you and ensure you have the kind of relationship you want. Ultimately the choice is yours, but we do all the hard work for you so that when we present you with our suggestion, it will hopefully feel perfect.

Our team will spend time with you to listen, guide you and help you work out what you want from your surrogacy experience. This includes exploring your values, your personality style and your expenses, as well as preparing you so you have thought about everything and are comfortable in your choices.

What are the intended parents you work with like?

We are a passionately inclusive organisation, and work with a broad range of different-sex couples, same-sex couples and single parents of all genders (including transgender parents) who need the help of an amazing surrogate to carry their child. 

Our intended parents come from all parts of the UK and all walks of life.  Some are high profile, or professionals, others run farms or independent shops, work in call centres, are stay-at-home parents already or have elderly families they care for.

Most have saved and budgeted carefully to work with us which gives us a huge responsibility to give the very best care.

All want a safe surrogacy journey with the best available support for their surrogate.

How does your matching process work?


With great care we will suggest an intended parent/couple to you based on what you have discussed with your Surrogate Manager during screening.  We want to make sure, not just that you are aligned on important issues, but that you will click as people to have a smooth and positive journey together, enjoying a relationship that grows and bonds you organically.  Our behind-the-scenes work with both sides really does work, and our experience shines through in how many matches we get right.

We will talk to you about your proposed intended parent(s) and, after providing you with some initial information, will send you an in-depth profile when you are ready so you can learn more about them. That includes information about them, as well as a ‘Dear Surrogate’ letter they have written. With your permission, we will share information about you with them too.

If you both agree, the next step is a match call which we will facilitate, introducing you and steering you through a match discussion. If you each say you want to move forward after the call, we will introduce you fully so you can get to know each other better.

What goes into your match

Our one-to-one matching is designed to ensure you are aligned on key issues which are critical to a smooth surrogacy journey, such as how you might feel if a decision needed to be made about terminating a pregnancy, your expenses, the number of embryo transfers you feel comfortable having and logistics bespoke to you and your circumstances.

But our personalised approach means that we do so much more.  Your match should feel like you have met friends with shared values and expectations.  It is still always your choice, but because we really know you – and the intended parents we support – our match-making is more than a list of facts.

It is because of this that surrogacy journeys with Brilliant Beginnings set off without our surrogates having any to unravel the basics, have tricky conversations or be halted by discovering mismatched expectations.  You and your intended parents can just focus on your exciting journey ahead.

How our matching process feels

When they say we have found you a “Match” I honestly don’t think you could have found a better one. My intended parents are the most sweet, caring and honest couple and I cannot explain how happy I am for all your hard work as a team. I know this is your job but seeing the enthusiasm and excitement makes me feel important and excited.


I received my intended parents’ profile today and have had a very emotional night reading all about them, they are everything I pictured and more, it’s so surreal how similar we are. They sound an absolute dream and I can’t wait to get to know them if they feel the same.


Working with Brilliant Beginnings surrogates is always a joy. I consistently hear that they feel a genuine connection with and affection for their intended parent/s, and that they put this down to the close and careful matching process that BB provide.

Nicola Scott, solicitor who advises BB surrogates

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