Our UK Surrogacy Pathway

(for surrogates)

Support as unique as you and your family

Our UK Surrogacy Pathway is a fully-managed UK surrogacy service, tailored to your personal needs and designed to keep you safe, match you with the right intended parents and support you through every step of your surrogacy journey.

Trust and honesty are at the heart.  The aim of all our matches is to help you create a solid relationship with your intended parents which we hope will grow into a very special lifelong connection.

Screening and preparation for surrogates

Being well informed ensures you are fully prepared for surrogacy, and surrogacy is safe for you. Our screening and preparation process is unique in the UK and helps get you ready for your journey.

Screening and preparation for intended parents


Getting to know our intended parents is important so we can make a match you will feel comfortable with and confident in.

We get to know our intended parents through in-depth face-to-face meetings, taking up references and carrying out background checks.

For parents who need to create embryos, we also offer support and guidance with the process.


Your Match

Your match matters more than anything to us.  Having got to know you, we will talk to you about a good one-to-one match for you.  We take enormous care with our matching, making sure not just that you and your intended parents are aligned on all the important surrogacy issues, but also that you are a good personality fit.  We want you to get the kind of UK surrogacy journey you are hoping for and to form a great relationship with the family you are helping to create.

 We do this in partnership with you, sharing information with you first and, if you agree, then facilitating a match call which we will steer you through.  The whole process will be done in discussion with you and without sharing any details at this stage, so you can tell us if you don’t think we have got the match right.

If you and your intended parents are happy to move forward, we put you in touch so you can start building your relationship.  It means that you can focus on getting to know each other knowing that any potential deal-breakers have already been explored.

Your relationship with your intended parents


Establishing a solid relationship with your intended parents is really exciting, and it is important you take your time. How long it takes to build a relationship of trust is personal, but we will guide you.

Independent legal advice and specialist wills


We will arrange a legal advice meeting for you with an independent solicitor to explain the legal implications of being a UK surrogate and to answer any questions you have about how the law works.  We will also help you put in place specialist wills to protect you and your family in case anyone dies unexpectedly during the surrogacy process.

Your surrogacy agreement


We will help you with the process of putting in place a written surrogacy agreement.  We will provide you with a template document and help you work through it.  Our professionally-qualified specialist mediator has designed and will oversee a professionally-managed process to ensure you have thought through and discussed all the issues, and have agreed the detail clearly and put things in writing.

Fertility treatment, pregnancy and birth


We will support you through the fertility treatment process and then the pregnancy, steering you on the practicalities and keeping your relationship with your intended parents on track.

We will also help you prepare for the birth, including helping you liaise with whoever is providing your care and arranging where the baby will be born.  We will also make sure you have confidential professional counselling to prepare for the birth, and post-birth.

Caring for you

We will be there to care for you if things go wrong.  There is risk involved in any pregnancy and some of our teams sadly have to deal with unsuccessful embryo transfers, miscarriages, termination decisions where there is a problem with the baby, and difficult births. We are with you through the ups and downs, as a consistent source of support stabilising your relationship. We will not let you down.


What it’s like to be a Brilliant Surrogate on our UK Surrogacy Pathway

Knowing that we had the full support of Brilliant Beginnings, an agency that truly stood up to all it is worth and have continued to support me and welcomed me into their hearts, was a true bonus.


The way you use profiling to match intended parents to potential surrogates is unique and second to none. I have been matched to two couples, on two different journeys, with you now and cannot thank you enough for the amazing friendships I have developed with both couples.


We understand that you will have questions. Our surrogate managers, Tracey and Teresa, are always happy to chat.

Want to become a Brilliant Surrogate?