Benefits for our surrogates

Surrogates deserve exceptional support and our dedicated professional team is there to provide it. 

We support our surrogates with tailored personal care through every step. That is our passion and our role.

Brilliant Beginnings surrogates have access to:

Lived and professional experience

Our team has a wealth of surrogacy experience, and includes surrogates, parents through surrogacy, nurses, lawyers, doulas, counsellors, clinical psychologists and mediators.  All are kind, caring individuals, there to guide you through a proven and tested surrogacy process evolved over many years.

Unlimited practical and emotional support

There is no cap on the time available to you. Our team are not volunteers, they all work for Brilliant Beginnings, meaning that our surrogates and intended parents get our full attention at all times.

A proven process

Our team will walk with you through your surrogacy process, making sure you confidently approach every milestone and your journey is coordinated and managed smoothly.

A safety net

We are there for you if you experience a failed transfer, miscarriage or pregnancy loss, or if any uncomfortable issues arise with your intended parents. Our role is to steady your relationship through any ups and downs.  We won’t let you down.

Additional surrogate benefits


  • Independent legal advice (meeting and letter)
  • Professionally-mediated process to settle your surrogacy agreement
  • Counselling with a BICA accredited counsellor (with 3 sessions included as standard, and additional counselling where needed)
  • Clinical psychologist support
  • Specialist wills
  • Life insurance
  • Registered nurse for medical queries
  • Clinical liaison and support during your fertility treatment
  • Coordination with your delivery hospital
  • Birth planning
  • Doula services
  • Postnatal support
  • Managed parental order process for intended parents
  • Celebratory gifts to honour key milestones
  • Being part of our wider surrogate community
  • Surrogate retreats

Why should you trust Brilliant Beginnings?

We have been matching and supporting surrogates with our unique professional service since 2013. We have seen more than 60 babies born and led the campaign for surrogacy law reform alongside our sister organisation NGA Law.

But when it comes to our surrogates, the proof is in the pudding. Our surrogates come to us because we keep our promises and we really care. We regularly support repeat surrogacy journeys and more than half of our team are former Brilliant Beginnings surrogates who have been there and are now part of the team because they believe passionately in the way we do things.

Our gold standard for UK surrogacy care is a growing movement – come and join us!

What our surrogates say about Brilliant Beginnings

Knowing that we had the full support of Brilliant Beginnings, an agency that truly stood up to all it is worth and have continued to support me and welcomed me into their hearts, was a true bonus.


The way you use profiling to match intended parents to potential surrogates is unique and second to none. I have been matched to two couples, on two different journeys, with you now and cannot thank you enough for the amazing friendships I have developed with both couples.


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