The Law Commission

surrogacy review


The Law Commissions (one for England and Wales and another for Scotland) are statutory independent bodies responsible for ensuring UK law is fair, modern and simple. In 2018, they began a joint project to review UK surrogacy law.

What has happened so far?

After a 2018 pre-consultation research phase, the Law Commissions published their provisional surrogacy law reform proposals in June 2019 and ran a public consultation until October 2019.

The Law Commissions are now in the policy development stage, considering the consultation responses. Their final report, expected in autumn 2022, will make recommendations as to how UK surrogacy law should change, and provide the government with a proposed draft Bill.

The government will then decide whether to send the draft Bill to Parliament, which means that it will take some time before the law actually changes, assuming of course that the government accepts the Law Commissions’ proposals and devotes Parliamentary time to implementing them.

What are the provisional recommendations?

New routes to becoming a legal parent

Changes to the way UK surrogacy is regulated

An open discussion about payments to surrogates

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