Surrogate screening and preparation


Our team will guide you through the steps of surrogate screening and preparation


Our surrogate screening and preparation programme is built through years of experience.  It includes key building blocks to keep you safe, but does not stop there.  Whatever you need (be it talking to your children about surrogacy or getting professional help with birth planning) we are there to help you make that choice and tailor our support just for you.

Our Surrogate Manager will walk with you through our programme, making sure you understand the steps as well as introducing you to others in the team and professionals who will guide you in your decisions. Some of our surrogates complete our screening programme in a few weeks while others take longer. Every surrogate is different, and we encourage you to complete this process at the pace that suits you. We never expect you to compromise on any part of your life, such as time with your children, and we will work with you to get ready to begin your surrogacy confidently.

We put your physical and mental wellbeing at the forefront

We believe our surrogates deserve the joy a successful surrogacy journey brings, which is why your physical and mental wellbeing is at the forefront of our screening and preparation programme.

Our keeping you safe, and keeping your family safe, means you can focus on your journey with confidence, knowing we have your back whatever happens.

Professional preparation with our expert team


Being supported by a professional team helps you make the right decisions for your circumstances. Our experienced Surrogate Manager is a surrogate herself and also has a wealth of experience supporting others’ surrogacy journeys. The support and guidance she and the rest of the team provide is unlimited, ensuring all your questions are answered and helping you follow a safe and confident surrogacy journey.

Managing your expenses


Surrogates are not motivated by money, but going through treatment, carrying a baby and recovering from a delivery does cost money. From loss of earnings, maternity clothes, medication, travel to appointments, childcare and more, all surrogates deserve to have exceptional care throughout their journey.  Our in-depth, bespoke approach to your expenses means you have what you need and your intended parents can budget for this confidently.

No one likes talking about money so we will help you work out the practical impact surrogacy will have on your family, considering all the ‘what ifs’ carefully.  Once you are comfortable with your expenses, we will match you with intended parents who can commit to your budget, so that we never compromise on your care and you are never left having to feel awkward.

Psychological evaluation

Ensuring that surrogacy will not risk your mental or emotional health is critical for you and your family’s stability.  We are the only UK surrogacy organisation to offer our surrogates a psychological evaluation. 

Through a detailed personality questionnaire and face-to-face personal consultation, our specialist clinical psychologist will help you explore your motivations, personality style and how you might deal with any challenges along the way, as well as any history of mental health issues. 

Your report helps guide us on choosing your perfect match as well as providing the best tailored personal support throughout your journey.

What our surrogates had to say about their psychological evaluation

I was sceptical about the psychological evaluation as I didn’t think one meeting and one person would be enough to show my true character. But Jerome is very thorough and is good at reading people. The report he built about me was spot on and I have taken on board Jerome’s suggestions and concerns and made sure they are covered with my journey.

Jerome is there to guide you through and answer any questions you might have. He automatically makes you feel at ease. I learnt my strengths and weaknesses. I am glad I had the assessment with Jerome as I learnt so much about myself. 

Health screening


All our surrogates need to be fit and well and your GP’s support is key.  As well as this, we will review your medical records to check for any obvious medical issues which might make being a surrogate unsafe for you or the baby you will carry, seeking further medical advice where needed.  If there are medical conditions that can be accommodated we will also make sure you get the medical back up you need.

Background checks and references


We carry out criminal records checks, and we speak to at least two personal references to get a wider sense of your personality and communication style.  We do this both for surrogates and intended parents. It helps us keep you safe, and it informs our one-to-one matching.

Implications counselling


We work with counsellors accredited by the British Infertility Counselling Association with leading experience supporting surrogates. They will help you explore the emotional implications of becoming a surrogate.  Counselling is confidential to you, and gives you a safe space to reflect.

Counselling is an important part of your ongoing journey, and it starts with us even before you are matched. All our surrogates receive a minimum of 3 hours counselling during their journey – once pre-match, once pre-birth and once post-birth.  Many have ongoing support during their journey if they want it. 

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