Surrogacy consultations

Our Surrogacy Consultations are one-to-one personal meetings which give you the opportunity to tap into our wealth of experience.

We can discuss your surrogacy options (with and outside Brilliant Beginnings) and answer your questions. Our surrogacy consultations are a freestanding advice service, separate from our UK and US Surrogacy Pathways.

Find out more about our US Surrogacy Pathway and our UK Surrogacy Pathway.

Who are Surrogacy Consultations for?

We advise intended parents who are based in the UK or British living overseas.

If you are at the start of a surrogacy journey, we can explain all the options available to you in the UK and internationally (helping you weigh the pros and cons in your particular circumstances).

If you have a destination in mind, such as the US, we can explore the key practicalities and look more specifically at the steps within that destination.

Our Surrogacy Consultations will help you cut through all the information available about surrogacy to focus on the right way forward for you.

Who will you meet with at a Surrogacy Consultation?


Your Surrogacy Consultation will be with a member of our Client Management team.

Our client managers all have years of professional experience in surrogacy, not only offering services through Brilliant Beginnings but working as part of our team (alongside NGA Law) which has dealt with surrogacy arrangements in more than 20 different countries and championed our surrogacy community for decades.

Our advice is independent and draws on our unique shared experience and our work at the heart of UK and international surrogacy.

How much does a Surrogacy Consultation cost?


Our Surrogacy Consultations cost £500 plus VAT.

This includes a personal meeting with one of our client managers (usually lasting 1-2 hours) and a detailed personal advice letter.

Booking a Surrogacy Consultation


Our Surrogacy Consultations are available in person at one of our offices, or online as a remote meeting. You can request one using our online booking system, selecting a date and time that suits you.

Please note that this is only a provisional booking which will be confirmed after we receive:

  1. A completed New Client Questionnaire
  2. A signed contract for the consultation
  3. A paid invoice for the consultation

If you have further questions about our consultations, you can call us on 020 7050 6875 or email us at

What our Surrogacy Consultations can include


Your Surrogacy Consultation is tailored to whatever you need, but can include:

  • Giving you a broad overview of the different ways of finding a surrogate overseas or in the UK, helping you weigh up each possible path if you are at an early stage,
  • Focusing on surrogacy options you are already researching to get an independent sense-check,
  • Addressing any key questions or concerns you have not been able to find answers to.


Want legal advice on surrogacy?

Our sibling organisation NGA Law is the UK’s most experienced surrogacy law firm, and offers legal advice meetings to discuss the UK law issues associated with UK and international surrogacy

Why trust Brilliant Beginnings?


We have unrivalled years of surrogacy experience and, together with our sibling organisation NGA Law, have been involved in thousands of surrogacy arrangements in the UK and every international surrogacy destination.

We know the pitfalls and how to make things work well, and we know the process, risks, costs and ethics of the different UK and international surrogacy options.

Our advice is also independent and impartial. We have no hidden financial reciprocity with any other organisations (no retainers, referral fees or paid directories), which means that our focus is you. 

We are your trusted personal advisors, committed to helping you navigate safe, legal, ethical surrogacy, with a belt and braces approach to ensuring you are fully informed, well prepared and safe.

What intended parents we’ve guided have said

From the very first meeting at their offices in London they made us feel completely at ease.  They explained the surrogacy process in detail.

Same-sex couple

I had a very useful initial meeting with lots of information in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Single dad

We found our meeting extremely helpful. We covered a lot of ground and were given a detailed overview of the potential paths ahead of us and how we might make a start.

Different-sex couple

Gemma was extremely knowledgeable about every facet of the process, giving us a lot of information and answering all of our many and varied questions!

Different-sex couple

How else can you help me?


Our US Surrogacy Pathway and our UK Surrogacy Pathway steer you safely through every step of the surrogacy process. We can also support you if you are already matched, having found a UK surrogate elsewhere.

Our sibling organisation NGA Law can also provide legal advice and support, advising on surrogacy arrangements in any other jurisdictions.

You do not need to have had a Surrogacy Consultation before embarking on one of our pathways, although many of our clients do.

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