Options Review meetings

Where do I start?


If you are at an early stage of exploring surrogacy, our Options Review meeting may be a good first step.

We have extensive experience of surrogacy in all its forms and can arrange a personal meeting with you to advise you, answer your questions and help you explore any worries or concerns.

You do not need to have had an Options Review before signing up to one of our Surrogacy Pathways, but many parents find it helpful to decide on the best option for them.

Finding the right surrogacy path for you


In our meeting with you, one of our client managers will discuss your surrogacy options both inside and outside Brilliant Beginnings, looking at all available international destinations and the different ways of building a family through UK surrogacy.

We will help you understand the costs, risks, ethics, process and logistics of all the surrogacy options available so you can make a clear decision on the right path for you.


From the intended parents we have guided

From the very first meeting at their offices in London they made us feel completely at ease.  They explained the surrogacy process in detail.

Same-sex couple

I had a very useful initial meeting with lots of information in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Single dad


Our Options Review service costs £500 plus VAT, which includes a personal meeting with one of our client managers (usually lasting 1-2 hours) and a detailed advice letter.

We are happy to meet you by Skype or telephone or face-to-face at our offices in London or the New Forest.