Our UK Surrogacy Support service (for surrogates)

We can support you if you are being a surrogate for someone you already know.  You might have offered to help your sister or another relative, a friend or even a work colleague.

Guidance on surrogacy


Trust is a key part of UK surrogacy, so your existing relationship is a great starting point, but there is a lot to know about surrogacy which you may not be familiar with. We will have a separate meetings with you and with your intended parents, to explain the surrogacy process, answer any questions you have, air any concerns and help you think through any issues you need to discuss.

We can help you understand the fertility treatment process, work through your expenses, and think about the long term emotional issues for you and your family.


Getting ready


We will then give you time to digest the advice and talk between yourselves. 

We will also provide you with a template surrogacy agreement to aid your discussions.

By arranging legal advice for your intended parents, we will also make sure they know what they need to do to become their child’s legal parents after the birth.


A professionally-mediated agreement meeting


Once you have had our guidance and template agreement and have had a chance to think about them, we will help you work through the details of your agreement to ensure that you have had the chance to talk openly and that you have recorded things clearly. 

Airing topics like expenses and how you would feel if a decision needed to be made about terminating a pregnancy because there was a problem with the baby is not always straightforward and can feel awkward.  Helen, who is one of our founders and a qualified mediator, will help steer you through this critical part of your journey sensitively and carefully. 

As part of this step, Helen will:

  • Meet with you and your intended parents separately to give everyone the space to talk through questions in confidence before gathering everyone together to talk things through collectively
  • Ensure that you all have worked through the detail and not missed anything important
  • Guide you through recording things clearly and reflecting your relationship and arrangement.


From the surrogates we have supported with helping friends and family

Talking through everything properly was a big help. We felt like we knew what to expect rather than muddling through.


Knowing you are always there was massively reassuring. I never felt I was doing this alone.


We understand that you will have questions. Our surrogate managers, Tracey and Teresa, are always happy to chat.

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