Brilliant Beginnings talks to BBC radio about safe surrogacy in the UK

Brilliant Beginnings is calling for changes to UK surrogacy law, after a fake surrogate in Devon was jailed for three years for defrauding hopeful parents of thousands of pounds by pretending to be pregnant.  It shows the dangers of the unregulated UK surrogacy system without contracts, and why surrogacy reform is needed.

Natalie has done a run of BBC interviews this week (TV Points West, Radio 5Live and Radio Solent) about the work Brilliant Beginnings is doing and our campaign for change.  Through Brilliant Beginnings, we are providing a structure of support for those going into surrogacy, by screening, matching carefully and personally, helping everyone think about all the issues in advance (and put things in writing) and then helping with the practicalities and emotional issues all the way through fertility treatment, pregnancy and birth.  We are hoping that this will help more women will come forward as surrogates in the UK. 

What we want is to see that kind of structure underpinned by a proper legal framework which gives clarity and certainty from the start.  Parents and surrogates should be able to enter into surrogacy contracts which make everything clear and enable the intended parents to be recognised as legal parents from birth where everyone agrees.  At the moment there is no legal structure for those entering into surrogacy arrangements, and that needs to change. 

The BBC also featured the seminar we are running for women thinking of becoming surrogates in Southampton on 10 July.  The information session is free and you can come and meet us to find out what is involved in being a surrogate, ask questions, learn about the law and hear from a fertility doctor about what the treatment process involves.  To find out more and to book your place contact us or click here.