Cambridge University needs your help to improve international surrogacy guidance

Can you help Cambridge University with research to help improve Foreign Office guidance on international surrogacy? 

The Cambridge Family Law Centre at Cambridge University is undertaking a research project on international surrogacy arrangements under a contract with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) of the UK Government.

Dr. Claire Fenton-Glynn and Prof. Jens Scherpe have devised on online survey to ensure that the voices of parents, intended parents, surrogates, agencies and legal professionals are heard – and that issues arising from the current law are identified and can be addressed.

They would greatly appreciate it if you answered this survey, particularly if you are a parent/intended parent through surrogacy (although also if you are an overseas surrogacy agency or other professional supporting UK parents). They would also appreciate it if you spread the word however you can.

Aims of the study

The immediate aim of the study is to provide a more in depth understanding of the issues faced by those undertaking international surrogacy agreements. The information obtained from this survey will help develop a new set of guidelines and advice for those entering into such arrangements, in conjunction with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office of the UK Government. These documents are intended to help (intended) parents to avoid the many legal problems that can arise in international surrogacy arrangements, and to ensure they take the right steps and preparations towards legal parenthood.

In addition, an information booklet for foreign agencies will be produced to help them better understand the legal requirements of UK-based (intended) parents and assist them. In the long-term, the data collected will inform further academic research and writing and thus suggestions for law reform.

Complete the online survey

The survey can be accessed here and should not take more than 10 minutes to complete. All information will be completely anonymous – at no stage will you be asked for your name or contact details, and answers will not be linked back to specific individuals.

If you have any queries about the survey of the project, please contact Claire Fenton-Glynn or Jens Scherpe.

Our support for this important research

Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law will be supporting Cambridge Family Law with this important research. We have a long history of supporting UK parents going overseas for surrogacy and of campaigning for progressive surrogacy law and policy reform (for example helping draft the wording currently used in passport application guidance booklets on surrogacy and in 2020 successfully lobbying for a special UK emergency passport application process to help bring home children born overseas through surrogacy).

We are always seeking to improve experiences for families, and there is more work to do. Please join us by sharing your experience with this study.

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