Canadian Surrogacy Pathway

Support as unique as you are

Some UK parents choose to go to Canada for surrogacy because it offers legally-recognised agreements and an altruistic culture which emphasises close relationships between parents and surrogates.

Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law have unrivalled UK experience in international surrogacy and are sibling organisations which work closely together (and with other third party professionals). Our Canadian Surrogacy Pathway is an ‘end-to-end’ fully-managed professional surrogacy service, which coordinates practical agency support provided on a non-profit basis by Brilliant Beginnings and expert legal representation from the UK’s leading surrogacy solicitors NGA Law, tailored to your personal needs.

Getting to know you and helping you prepare


After you send in your application form, we will arrange a face-to-face meeting with you to talk through the whole Canadian surrogacy process, to help you budget realistically and to explore your preferences and expectations for your Canadian surrogacy journey.

Choosing your Canadian partners


You will need a team of trusted Canadian surrogacy professionals, including a surrogacy consultancy (which will connect you with a surrogate candidate), a fertility clinic (which will provide your IVF treatment) and a Canadian attorney (who will support you with your surrogacy agreement and any legal process to make you your child’s legal parent in the relevant Canadian province).

We will work with you to help you choose your Canadian surrogacy partners, doing the vetting for you. Drawing on our long experience and unrivalled sector knowledge, our advice is independent – we have no financial arrangements with any Canadian professionals – and it is personal to you.  We will help you put together a shortlist of professional partners, be part of your initial calls or meetings with them, and help you decide who to work with. 

UK legal advice and representation from the UK’s leading surrogacy lawyers


Your legal manager from the NGA Law team will advise you on how UK law works in the context of a Canadian surrogacy journey, and how they will help you bring your baby home, become the legal parents of your child in the UK and secure British nationality for your child.

Your legal manager will remain on hand throughout your journey, working alongside your Brilliant Beginnings client manager.  NGA Law will review your Canadian contracts and documents and will be available to answer any UK legal questions, as well as helping you put in place specialist wills, an important part of the surrogacy process to protect you and your child.

Matching support

Your client manager from Brilliant Beginnings will review any surrogates put forward for a match to vet their profiles and advise you on whether we think they are a good match for you, and what questions you should ask your surrogate and consultancy. 

Unlimited support from our experienced client managers


Your client manager from Brilliant Beginnings will support you through your Canadian surrogacy journey, making sure there are no missing pieces of the jigsaw, prompting you at each stage so you don’t miss any steps, and giving guidance and support throughout your fertility treatment, selection of surrogate and (if relevant) egg donor, Canadian legal contracts and parentage process and pregnancy.

Your client manager is your trusted advisor, there for you throughout the ups and downs.

Preparing for the birth and getting you home


We will help you prepare for the birth in Canada in practical terms, and in respect of the legal issues.  Your legal manager will advise you on travel/immigration, as well as providing a letter to support you through immigration when you come home.

And when your baby arrives we will celebrate with you!

Becoming your child’s legal parents in the UK


NGA Law will represent you in your application for a UK parental order which will make you your child’s legal parents in the UK. You have a choice about the level of service you want to have:

With our premium pathway, NGA Law will manage the court process for you from start to finish, preparing all your evidence and representing you in the High Court to conclude the court process as efficiently as possible.  NGA Law will also manage the applications for your child’s UK birth certificate and UK passport.

With our basic pathway, NGA Law will represent you in the initial stages of your court application to get you set up and on track, and from there will work with you to help you prepare your evidence and to navigate the process smoothly to complete your application.

From our families created through Canadian surrogacy

Brilliant Beginnings provides an excellent service in this area!  The team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful on our surrogacy journey abroad.  They proactively coordinate every part of the journey: clinics, solicitors and donor and surrogacy agencies, to make it as smooth a journey as possible.

Different-sex parents through surrogacy in Canada

There are a lot of moving parts in this process and it’s been so helpful to have someone in our corner, making sure we understand each decision and checking in with the various agencies when things have been less straightforward. Brilliant Beginnings have been with us every step of the way and we couldn’t have done this without them.

Same-sex parents through surrogacy in Canada

Our combined professional fees for our Canadian surrogacy Pathway are

£34,000 plus VAT (Premium Pathway) or

£20,000 plus VAT (Basic Pathway)

covering our full agency service from start to finish, UK legal advice throughout, specialist wills and expert legal representation in your parental order


Our fees are staged as follows:

When you sign up:  £6,000 plus VAT (Brilliant Beginnings) and £2,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

When you are matched:  £6,000 plus VAT (Brilliant Beginnings) and £2,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

On your 20 week scan: £4,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

On birth (if you have opted for our premium pathway):  £14,000 plus VAT (NGA Law) charged as 4 monthly instalments of £3,500 plus VAT

In addition to our fees you will need to pay for your Canadian consultancy fees, Canadian surrogate/egg donor expenses, fertility treatment costs, Canadian health insurance, Canadian legal costs and personal travel and accommodation.  We will help you to budget as part of our service.

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