Could you be a Diversity role model?

Helen and Natalie met with Suran Dickson from the fantastic charity Diversity Role Models which is working hard to promote awareness of non-traditional families in schools.  They are looking for same-sex parents to help their work in primary schools, and asked if they could write this for our blog. 

Are you DRM’s next primary school role model?

The younger pupils are when they learn about celebrating diversity in all its forms, the less likely they are to grow up with prejudice.  Help us help them by volunteering in our primary school workshops. Positive role models make a huge impact and help to change attitudes for generations.

To be one of our role models you need to be in a same-sex relationship with children and be willing to talk about your family life in a workshop.  You need to be confident, comfortable speaking with children and have positive messages to share and a good sense of humour.

Your role

You will participate in an ‘interview’, with the children asking questions about family, hobbies, work etc.  You will work with small groups to facilitate discussions where possible.

You will need to attend an initial training and assessment evening and then commit 4-5 days per year (often only half days).  You will also need to give feedback from your sessions and provide quotes about your experience for promotional and social media use.  We would also love it if you could participate in DRM events and fundraising activities and help promote our work.

For more information contact Navah Bekhor on 020 7964 5358 or at