Deaf LGBTQIA event held online in July 2020

Our directors Helen Prosser and Natalie Gamble were delighted to join Deaf Rainbow UK (previously known as Deaf LGBTQIA) for an online seminar about surrogacy as part of their series on LGBT family building.

Helen gave an overview of the surrogacy options for LGBT+ parents in the UK and overseas, while Natalie explained the legal issues.

We were also joined by Sam and Matthew Calder-Bray, deaf same-sex parents through surrogacy, who shared their personal journey of building their family with a friend, also deaf, acting as their surrogate.

All the presentations were accompanied by voice or British Sign Language interpretation, making the event fully accessible to both deaf and hearing participants.

Many thanks indeed to Deaf LGBTQIA for inviting us to take part. We were delighted to educate and raise awareness in an inclusive way.

Watch the event, including Natalie and Helen’s presentations

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