We hosted a free online event on Surrogacy in the US and choosing the right egg donor

We hosted an online event to discuss Surrogacy in the US, with advice on how to choose the right egg donor (if needed). This event (recording at the end of this post) is ideal for intended parents considering the US, anyone wanting more information about the options for surrogacy internationally and those on a US surrogacy journey without an egg donor yet. 

Event Chair

Helen Prosser, Brilliant Beginnings

Caring, energetic and creative, Helen owns and manages NGA Law with Natalie, as well as our sister organisation Brilliant Beginnings. A leading expert in the practical aspects of surrogacy, with extensive professional contacts, Helen is a former member of the HFEA’s national donation strategy group and has worked closely with the Department of Health and the Law Commission in relation to surrogacy reform and best practice.


Event Speakers

Laura Clarke, Brilliant Beginnings

Laura’s warmth and kindness have shone through her career as an NHS nurse for over 15 years and now as a client manager with Brilliant Beginnings. She has a degree in Public Health, has successfully carried four children as a surrogate across three surrogacy journeys, the last with Brilliant Beginnings. With her combination of surrogacy and medical experience, she adds empathy, practicality and understanding to any journey. She has two beautiful children of her own and believes passionately in making surrogacy easier.

Dr. Jeffrey Wang, American Fertility Services,

Dr. Jeffrey Wang, medical director at American Fertility Services, USA, is a recognized expert in third-party reproduction and has worked extensively to help singles and couples from across the globe become parents. Dr. Wang received his medical degree from University of Florida’s College of Medicine and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynaecology at New York Presbyterian / Columbia University, where he also held a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. As every patient’s journey to parenthood is unique, Dr. Wang provides personalized care and empowers his patients with knowledge so they can become partners in the decision-making process. A Taiwan native, Dr. Wang is fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Natalie Gamble, NGA Law

Natalie is known internationally, not only as the UK’s leading fertility lawyer, but also for her gentle tenacity which has enabled much needed changes in the UK legal system. She has campaigned for many years for same-sex parents and fertility patients, winning key legal changes on surrogacy and donation both in Parliament and in the High Court, and representing the parents in virtually all the key court cases which have shaped UK law on international surrogacy.

She is a regular voice on the Today Program and Woman’s Hour and has been quoted in Parliament, ranked in the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List, invited to meet the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, and nominated for the Stonewall Hero of the Year Award. She works closely with charities such as the Donor Conception Network and Stonewall and is a former trustee of Infertility Network UK. She has two donor-conceived children as a same-sex parent, and has herself been an egg donor.

Julie Veilleux, a four time US surrogate.

Julie lives in Connecticut, a small state on the East Coast, with her husband and 4 children. She has a background in social work, and has always been passionate about helping others. Her heart led her to surrogacy after completing her own family in 2013, and since then she has delivered 5 babies (1 set of twins!) to 4 grateful families. Julie now works as a surrogacy case manager, providing support to other women who have made the decision to become gestational carriers, and make dreams come true for so many hopeful parents.


Would you like to hear more about surrogacy options in the USA?

Surrogacy options for intended parents can be daunting and confusing. With travel to the US now being possible again many are looking to surrogacy and are keen to find out what the options are and how to get started.

The USA offers clear and reliable paths for a joyous and positive surrogacy journey for many. Clinical excellence, timely matches with surrogates, and legal certainty to name but a few. We are proud to be hosting an event bringing together key professionals and an opportunity to hear how they can help you on your US surrogacy journey, and to ask any questions you might have.

At Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law we provide clarity on what your options are, now and in the future. We give you guidance on the key things to consider at each and every stage, from the outset of your journey, through to coming home with your baby and resolving legal parentage. Our combined US surrogacy pathway offers all of this, and ensures that intended parents have support throughout.

View a recording of this event below.

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