Getting to know BB: Gemma Hart-Dyke, Client Manager

For the latest in our getting to know BB series, Gemma writes about being a client manager, how she came to work for Brilliant Beginnings, and shares a bit about her life outside of work and her family.

Getting to know Gemma Hart-Dyke

My path to joining Brilliant Beginnings began nearly 20 (eek!) years ago, when I worked with Helen in the marketing team of the law firm where Natalie trained to be a solicitor. We temporarily went our separate ways professionally, but always kept in touch, and I focused on a career in marketing, relationship management and business development. When they told me they were setting up BB, I jumped at the chance to join the team and I am now the longest serving client manager.

The thing that gives me the most pleasure in life is being able to help others – from turning up at a friend’s house with chocolate and a hug after a hard day, to supporting our wonderful intended parents and surrogates on their incredible journeys.

I am passionate about supporting women who want to become surrogates and for them to be able to do so in a safe, ethical, well supported way where their voices and opinions are heard, validated and celebrated. I don’t think women should be told what to do with their bodies or whether they should or should not be paid for doing what they want with their bodies. I love that as an organisation we are always ready to support a surrogate’s hopes and dreams, helping her to feel proud of the incredible thing she is doing for someone else.

Many of our intended parents have faced struggles in their journey to become parents or complete their family. Life can sometimes be so cruel, and it’s heartbreaking to think of the would-be parents who feel that they have no options available to them. I love being part of an organisation that offers hope to people in these situations, and am thankful to be able to share my knowledge and experience with others to help them make sense of things, and ensure they are heading down a structured and supported pathway to create their family.

I think my lovely colleagues would say that although I have a wildly inappropriate sense of humour and am definitely the loudest in the room most of the time, I’m also incredibly sensitive and passionate about what we do, especially when it comes to forming strong relationships with the teams that I support. I love a good catch up and always try to make myself available for my teams, even if they just want to blow off a bit of steam, or ask a completely left field question. Nothing shocks me. I’ve seen so many different journeys that I can offer a balanced and informed viewpoint.

Outside of work, I am very lucky to have a grumpy northern partner and two beautiful children – one who is a dinosaur obsessed four year old, and his sister who has just turned one and is already proving to know her own mind, and like her mum, isn’t afraid to tell you. I also have a grown up step son who doesn’t live with us, but is very much the adored big brother!

We live close to the New Forest and spend our weekends with family and friends, usually getting muddy in the forest, swimming in the local river or just hanging out eating and pretending to be dinosaurs – I do a particularly good Plesiosaur impression.

Sleep is a bit of a two headed unicorn in our house, so by the evening I can just about manage half an episode of whatever box set we’re attempting to binge before crashing out at 9pm ready to be woken up at 5.30am – a world away from the life I used to lead where I would often come home at that time!

There really is nothing better than being woken up by an inquisitive face that immediately wants to know exactly how the earth floats in space (can anyone help me with this?!) or by a cheeky babbling baby, so to be able to play even the smallest role in helping that happen for others makes me feel that I’m doing a little bit of good in the world.

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