How much does surrogacy cost?

The costs of surrogacy vary considerably depending on where you undergo your surrogacy journey, be it the UK, US or another destination.

The route you follow will also vary in cost depending on your personal circumstances. If you are at an early stage and have not yet decided on your surrogacy path, Brilliant Beginnings can help you explore your options, including the likely costs and variables, through our personalised Options Review consultations.

Below we outline the typical cost ranges for surrogacy in the UK and internationally

How much does UK surrogacy cost?

Budgets for UK surrogacy typically range from £20,000 – £80,000, broken down as:

Surrogate expenses – Surrogates in the UK are typically paid expenses of £12,000 to £25,000, although surrogacy arrangements between existing friends and family sometimes involve lower amounts.  Find out more about how much a UK surrogate can get paid.

Fertility treatment costs – There is very little NHS funding for fertility treatment involving surrogacy, so most IVF treatment for gestational surrogacy is funded privately.  The costs will depend on how many cycles of treatment you need, the fee scale of the clinic you use and whether you are conceiving with an egg donor or your own eggs/embryos. 

You can expect to pay £5,000 to £10,000 per treatment cycle, and it is always sensible to budget for 2-3 cycles (although you may need more or less).  If you conceive with a traditional surrogate, you may not need to pay for fertility treatment.

Agency or organisation fees – UK surrogacy organisations are all non-profit and the fees you pay reflect the costs of the service they provide.  Brilliant Beginnings offers a full agency service and charges £20,000 plus VAT and expenses for its UK Surrogacy Pathway (with a further £4,500 plus VAT or £8,000 plus VAT for integrated legal services including advice, wills and the parental order) or £8,000 plus VAT for its Surrogacy Agreement Pathway if you are working with a surrogate who is friend or family member.

The community support organisations charge lower membership fees for access to their community and peer support, which does not include legal services.  You do not have to work with an organisation, and matching independently (for example on Facebook) will save organisation fees, but it is very important to take care and not to cut any corners in your preparation.

Legal fees – Most fertility clinics require intended parents (and in some cases surrogates) to have legal advice before proceeding with surrogacy.  The costs will vary depending on the lawyer you choose and the surrogacy organisation you are working with but you can expect to budget £350 – £800. 

You will also need to budget for updating your wills (at a cost of between £500 and £1,200) and for managing your parental order application if you would like legal support with that (with costs up to £8,000 depending on the level of support you feel you need). Some parents represent themselves in the parental order application which means the cost is no more than the court fee of £215.

How much does international surrogacy cost?

There are only a few countries in the world which offer surrogacy services to international intended parents (and which have a secure legal framework). The costs of international surrogacy vary considerably from country to country, with a range of £40,000 to £240,000 depending on where you go.

Find out more about the international surrogacy options available.

How much does USA surrogacy cost?

In the USA, every aspect of the surrogacy process is facilitated by professionals, with a framework designed to support everyone involved.  Find out more about surrogacy in the USA.

A healthy overall budget for US gestational surrogacy is £170,000 to £240,000, comprising:

  • Brilliant Beginnings fees (if applicable),
  • US surrogacy agency fees,
  • surrogate expenses and compensation,
  • egg donor expenses and compensation (if relevant),
  • fertility treatment costs,
  • US health insurance for both your surrogate and baby,
  • US legal fees for your surrogacy agreement and any parentage court process,
  • UK legal fees for initial advice, wills, immigration and your parental order, and
  • personal travel and accommodation.

At Brilliant Beginnings, we help UK parents navigate the US surrogacy process from understanding all the elements involved, choosing proven professional partners and being your trusted point of contact in the UK throughout the process.  We will help you to put together a personal budget at the outset so that the costs are managed clearly and effectively. 

Find out more about our US Surrogacy Pathway.


How much does Canadian surrogacy cost?


Canadian surrogacy is less costly than the US. That is because the Canadian law framework does not permit agencies and surrogates to be paid in the same way as in the US, and because Canada covers the cost of healthcare for your surrogate without the need for health insurance.

Find out more about surrogacy in Canada.

A healthy overall budget for Canadian gestational surrogacy is £80,000 to £100,000, comprising:

  • Canadian surrogacy consultant fees (for connecting you with a surrogate and post-match support),
  • surrogate/egg donor expenses,
  • fertility treatment costs,
  • Canadian legal fees,
  • Canadian health insurance for your baby,
  • UK legal fees for initial advice, wills, immigration and your parental order, and
  • personal travel and accommodation.


How much does surrogacy cost in Ukraine or Georgia?


Surrogacy in Ukraine or Georgia costs less than the other international surrogacy options.  Surrogacy services are unregulated and standards of living are lower than in the US or Canada, making it important that you research carefully any professionals you are considering working with, and that you ensure that your surrogacy journey is ethically and responsibly managed. 

Find out more about surrogacy in Ukraine or Georgia (the country, not the state).

A healthy overall budget for surrogacy in Ukraine or Georgia is £30,000 to £60,000 comprising:

  • Ukraine/Georgian surrogacy fees (usually priced to include surrogate recruitment, IVF treatment, surrogate expenses/compensation, antenatal and delivery care, and some administrative and legal services to help with birth registration and exit visas),
  • UK legal fees for advice, wills, immigration and your parental order, and
  • personal travel and accommodation.

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