Kim’s journey – why I want to be a surrogate

Hi everyone, I am Kim from Portsmouth. Six months ago I heard some very sad news of a friend who, due to cervical cancer, couldn’t conceive her own child. This brought me to the decision that I wanted to offer my womb.

My friend had to wait until she had the all-clear and wanted to proceed with someone she wasn’t already emotionally connected to.

We have two healthy children and I don’t want any more children. I love being a Mum and I can’t imagine how hard it must be on a family if they can’t have their own child, nothing could replace this feeling.

My pregnancies were very straightforward I never experienced any morning sickness, poor health and I worked until my due dates. My births were uncomplicated and I didn’t produce huge amounts of milk so this is all making me feel that this is something I can do. I have a very supportive husband, family and job.

So I found myself on google in search for my next step. After talking to my husband and thinking it all through I contacted Brilliant Beginnings. Brilliant Beginnings are based near us in Hampshire so it all seemed practical.

I received a lovely phone call from one of the many lovely employees there initially which led to further calls, emails and skype chat.  I have had my police check, medical review from my own doctor and two references all given the all clear. Then we were ready to think about being matched up. I had a few extra notches on the BMI chart to come down which gave me a great push in the right direction. After chatting to friends, other surrogates and family everyone has been very supportive of my decision.

A few weeks ago I was sent a profile of the intended parents Brilliant Beginnings have matched us with. The couple seem lovely, very deserving, dedicated to each other and they seem like they will try to be great parents.


Once matched we arranged to meet the following week. Our meet went better than we could have expected, it seems we are very similar and were all relaxed in each other’s company. We are very excited about this journey ahead.

I know it may not all be easy, I’m expecting ups and downs but I know what I’m offering is definitely a gift that keeps on giving, a life-changing experience. I’m just hoping I get to see the happy faces when they receive their own baby. I’m hoping to be a good tummy Mummy and after that I will get to be Auntie Kim.

I feel we are in good hands with Brilliant Beginnings and I trust that they will care for me before I even realise I need it!