Launch of Brilliant Beginnings, a new UK based non-profit surrogacy and donation agency

Welcome to Brilliant Beginnings, a new agency supporting and creating UK families through surrogacy and egg donation, with a commitment to doing things safely, ethically and legally. 

Brilliant Beginnings is non-profit making and campaigns to raise awareness and improve the experience of surrogacy and egg donation for UK families, donors and surrogates. 

Brilliant Beginnings’ founders, Natalie Gamble and Helen Prosser, currently run the only UK’s specialist fertility law firm, Natalie Gamble Associates.  They have already helped over 400 UK families created through surrogacy and egg donation globally, and had a long history shaping UK law and policy.  They have been instrumental in making case law on international surrogacy and in contributing to policy on alternative parenting law.  Brilliant Beginnings was conceived as a result of clients needing more than just legal expertise. 

Brilliant Beginnings will offer prospective parents considering surrogacy an Options Review which will give an impartial practical insight into all the family building options available through reputable organisations in the UK and abroad.  Brilliant Beginnings will also offer support by matching parents with UK surrogates and egg donors and with reliable US professionals the team has worked with over a number of years.  The agency will then provide ongoing practical support and information throughout the donation or surrogacy process, ensuring everyone involved is fully supported and properly informed.