Our surrogacy campaign on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

Natalie was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour’s Jenni Murray on Friday, in a discussion about the new maternity rights for surrogacy, and why there is more to be done to bring UK surrogacy law up to date.

The discussion focused on Brilliant Beginnings’ campaign to change UK surrogacy law.  Following our successful fight for maternity rights for intended parents, we now want to see a wider overhaul of UK surrogacy law.  We need a clearer framework for surrogacy in the UK, so that parents and surrogates can go into arrangements with support and clarity, and more UK surrogates will come forward to reduce the need for parents to go abroad.  In the meantime, the grant of maternity rights for intended parents is a first step in the right direction.

To listen to the seven minute discussion, you can click the link below.