Our surrogates, why they do what they do

Surrogates are amazing women, we will be the first to tell you that! Almost always the one question we get asked is why? What drives these incredibly motivated, generous and giving women to do such a thing?

In fact all our surrogates will tell you that their journey wasn’t one that came about lightly. Many have spent a lot of time researching and thinking about things before picking up the phone to find out more. It’s sometimes months but often years with a thought in the back of their mind that one day this could be something that they could do and that they could change lives.

Changing lives, well that’s their main motivator; the driving force behind these women that inspires them to do such a thing. Giving the intended parents their dream, a child of their own.

We speak to women every week about becoming a surrogate and their reasons are truly wonderful

“I am extremely lucky to have my children and enjoy being a mum immensely. Being able to help another couple to experience the same fulfilment and joy feels very right” (Tracey)

Helping someone make a family is the most magical thing in the world” (Jay-me)

“It would be amazing to do something to try and help another couple have what we have been so lucky to experience” (Teresa)

Our surrogates are passionate and driven by this wish to offer something so precious to someone else. Some will have witnessed first-hand the difficulties of friends and family members struggling to conceive. Some will have close friends who are a same sex couple and have always known that they will need help in completing their family. Whether it is knowing others who have struggled and gone through infertility problems to just hearing or reading about other stories that have inspired them to think, ‘’how can I help’’?

The ability to share happiness is innate to them. Often surrogates have known for a long time that they have always wanted to be a parent, therefore the reality that there are others out there who can’t experience this is immeasurable to them. They truly believe that what they have been so lucky to experience themselves, is a gift worth giving.

If I was in their situation I would dream of someone being able to help me if they could (Tracey)”

This strikes a particular chord in us all when you think these women aren’t just offering to help a loved one, close friend or family member. They are offering to help couples who are essentially strangers! Of course many don’t consider them to be strangers for long, it’s remarkable how quickly relationships build in such a situation especially when we work so hard to make sure these matches are perfect. From everything down to personality, similarities, pregnancy preferences to relationship hopes. Surrogacy builds not just only families but lifelong friends.

It certainly is a life changing experience and we are both very excited about sharing this journey with some new friends” (Tracey)

We encourage everyone who contacts us to spend time thinking about the reasons behind becoming a surrogate and what support they might need.  We are there to guide them through the practical aspects and offer them advice and support where needed.

Surrogates gain so much themselves by offering to help intended parents. They get to go through life knowing that they have changed the lives of others and that their own children will grow up to see what an amazing and truly inspiring mummy they have.

“Being given the chance to do that makes me happy and proud that I can give somebody something that I have (Jay-me)”

Being a surrogate often completes a dream they have had for many years, it truly is an honour for them to give the gift of being a parent to someone else. It really does take a special person to do what they do….so our surrogates we thank you.