Out in the City talks to Helen about helping gay dads find surrogates in the UK and abroad

Out in the City’s December/January issue features a Q&A on how Brilliant Beginnings was set up and how we help gay dads have families through surrogacy. Staying in the UK is possible, even if the legal framework is woolly and informal.  In lieu of a front-loaded legal framework, where everything is set upbefore conception, intended parents and surrogates need to ensrue that there is a strong and solid basis of trust with their arrangement.  We know the number of gay dads is growing.  Similarly, we see more surrogates keen to help gay men for a number of reasons – to help break down barriers or because they find working with a gay couple is such a positive experience.

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And for more information on how BB can help you http://brilliantbeginnings.co.uk/intended-parents/gay-dads