Reflecting on 2019, looking ahead to 2020

January is a time for thinking about new starts and new resolutions. For many people having a family is at the very top of their new year’s priorities. This January is no different, and the team at BB are excited about the year ahead.

Our 2019


2019 was a pivotal year for Brilliant Beginnings with 9 new babies being born (taking our total since we began to 42), 8 parental orders granted with the help of the team at NGA Law, and 7 more surrogacy teams matched.

We now have 4 more team members and moved into a new office in London that gives us the room to grow and expand as well as offer more information seminars and get togethers.

We are now lucky enough to have 3 experienced surrogates on staff supporting our client teams and new surrogates, and we have the added support of a clinical psychologist who is also a dad through one of our extraordinary Brilliant Surrogates.

After winning a place on the GS10SK programme we also had the opportunity to participate in an incredible course to evaluate our business which will help enable us to offer our professional support to more would be parents and surrogates in the UK.

What’s next in 2020

2020 is starting out with a record number of new surrogate enquiries taking our total for the month to 48. We have set our sights on enabling and supporting more women who want to fulfil their dream of becoming a surrogate, and further grow our brilliant surrogate community.

2020 will also see the outcome of Law Commission’s wide sweeping proposals and consultation for the much needed reform for surrogacy legislation. We were honoured to be a part of this and will continue what we can to enable better, ethical and a robust surrogacy here in the UK where the exceptional women who become surrogates are protected, guided and supported throughout their journey by the exceptional team at BB.


Keep up with BB

You can follow our blog to read all about upcoming events, conferences and talks we’ve been part of and more from the BB team. You can also find out about our campaigning and where progress is being made – of which there is much more to come.