Research help for De Monfort university, Leicester 

Dr Christina Weis and Dr Wendy Norton are sociologists at the Centre of Reproduction Research at De Montfort University in Leicester who are undertaking a study exploring heterosexual partnered men’s experiences of becoming fathers through surrogacy.

They are looking to recruit men (aged 18 or over) who are either becoming, or who are already fathers through surrogacy to take part in the study. This would involve taking part in an interview about their perceptions of their role and level of participation during the pregnancy, delivery, and post-birth, and their thoughts on becoming a father through surrogacy. The study findings will be used to make recommendations about the needs of men becoming fathers through surrogacy and how they can be supported during the process.

This study has been reviewed and received ethical approval by the De Montfort Ethics Committee (REF 3317). Both researchers have been working on surrogacy, conducted research with intending parents and surrogates, over the last 8 years.

If you are interested in taking part please contact or on 0116 250 6576; or on 0116 201 3810