Education seminar: Where in the world can I go for surrogacy?

28 November 2023

Join the Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law team online on 28 November 2023 for an honest discussion about the current global surrogacy landscape.

Where most international surrogacy seminars feature overseas speakers promoting surrogacy in their country, this event is different. We are opening up to share our real experience of helping UK parents through surrogacy in the UK, USA, Ukraine, Canada, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico and more, giving honest practical information about the positives, risks, problems and pitfalls.

In the wake of COVID and the Ukraine war, the global surrogacy landscape shifted considerably, making it even harder for intended parents to evaluate:

  • Should I stay in the UK or go overseas, and if I go abroad, where to?
  • How risky is the UK given the legal framework, and is the law changing any time soon?
  • How expensive is the US and is it worth it?
  • Where else is surrogacy legal and established? Do other countries, as they say, really offer the same service as the US for less cost?
  • How do I ensure my surrogate will be protected and supported?
  • How do I sift through the sales pitches to know what’s safe, legal – or even real?

You can trust us to guide you on where to look and what questions to ask. Since the UK’s first international surrogacy case in 2008, the NGA Law team has worked at the forefront of surrogacy law. We have handled nearly 2,000 surrogacy cases involving UK parents undergoing surrogacy in more than 20 different countries. Brilliant Beginnings has, since 2013, project managed all aspects of hundreds of surrogacy journeys in the USA and UK (and formerly Canada). A leading voice for our community, we have campaigned for UK surrogacy law reform for more than 15 years and worked at the front lines of providing crisis support, including securing an emergency passport procedure for surrogate babies born during COVID, and helping rescue all 46 babies born to UK parents after the outbreak of the Ukraine war. We care passionately about raising awareness and enabling informed choice to support safe, legal, ethical surrogacy which safeguards intended parents, protects women who act as surrogates and gives children positive birth stories. 

So, join us online on 28 November to hear the unvarnished truth about the current global surrogacy landscape.  We will be talking about how surrogacy is currently working in different countries around the world and helping you learn how to make responsible choices and stay safe wherever in the world you are creating your family.


Details of the event

Date: 28 November 2023

Time: 5-6.15pm

Format: Online (via Zoom) with speakers from the NGA Law and Brilliant Beginnings team, and space for questions.

Cost per ticket £11.55 (includes £1.55 Eventbrite fee) 

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