Shout out for our surrogate supporters!

Our Brilliant Surrogates are never on their own on their journey – we do everything we can to back them up and give them what they need, when they need it but that doesn’t compare to the back up and care that their supporters give.

The surrogate supporters, the surrogate’s partners and parents, are the unsung heroes who are there to rub backs, and feet, to listen and steer. They stand up for and help our surrogates when there isn’t anyone else around. And we couldn’t do what we do without them.

To widen our growing community, we held our first Surrogates Supporters event in May 2021, led by Ben, Jamie and Matt, three of the partners of BB surrogates.

What was covered at the surrogate supporters event?

Ben, Jamie and Matt’s support and journeys with Tracey, Teresa and Amy could not have been more different but the impact that they had couldn’t be more aligned – new families created out of their family’s commitment with a lot of shared ups and downs.

At the online event, they spoke of any worries and hopes they had had, prior to being matched to the intended parents and then how they have found their relationships with the intended parents going forward. They covered how their relationships had been as a team (with the surrogates and intended parents) going into treatment, throughout the pregnancies and beyond the births.

They described what forms the support actually took throughout fertility treatment, pregnancy and during the birth, and then during the recovery period afterwards. Whether that was being able to provide childcare for appointments or offering emotional support, a sounding board, and down to the more practical things like providing a much needed foot rub!

One spoke of how important it was to be able to provide stability for their surrogate throughout the surrogacy journey and with the rest of their family. While Ben mentioned how nice it was to see how the surrogacy had affected the wider family of the intended parents and what it had meant to them. Realising that they had not just helped make a couple parents, they had helped other people become grandparents and uncles which they hadn’t initially given much thought to.

Here’s to the surrogate supporters!

After such a wonderful event, and in recognition of the important support that people like Ben, Jamie and Matt provide, we wanted to give a shout out for the surrogate supporters. We are so proud of what you do, so selflessly and unswervingly.

If you are a surrogate supporter and wish to join our group, email

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