Free surrogacy in the US event, on zoom – Tuesday 1 December 2020

Brilliant Beginnings will be hosting a free event on Zoom for those interested in exploring surrogacy in the US. We’ll be exploring the surrogacy options during the current pandemic, hearing from the legal side with NGA Law, and about fertility services and surrogacy on the USA side with American Fertility Services.

About the event

Registration in advance is required. You can sign up for this free event here.

Would you like to hear more about surrogacy options in the US?

Surrogacy options for intended parents can be daunting and confusing. The good news is that even during the global pandemic, options remain, and many are still pursuing surrogacy successfully in the UK, US and other destinations. The key to this is being informed from the outset, alive to changes, and navigating any hurdles all with the support and guidance of experienced and professional organisations. 2020 has shown this to be even more important and invaluable.

At Brilliant Beginnings we aim to provide clarity on what your options are, now and in the future. Also what some of the key things to consider are at each and every stage, from the outset of your journey, through to coming home with your baby. Brilliant Beginnings continues to support intended parents going to the USA, many of whom are just starting out, to others that are now home with their baby.

The USA offers clear and reliable paths for a joyous and positive surrogacy journey for many. Clinical excellence, timely matches with surrogates, and legal certainty to name but a few. Brilliant Beginnings has brought together some key professionals to provide you with more information on a US surrogacy journey, and give an opportunity to ask your questions.

We would love you to join us on the 1 December 2020 on zoom to find out more.

Registration in advance required via Zoom – you can sign up here.

Helen Prosser, Brilliant Beginnings

Caring, energetic and creative, Helen has worked professionally in the field of fertility, donation and surrogacy for a decade. She is a member of the HFEA’s National Donation Strategy Group (an advisory committee of national egg/sperm donation experts hand-picked by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), one of the few international members of the American Bar Association’s Assisted Reproduction and Technology Committee, and a former trustee of the National Gamete Donation Trust.

As a director of the UK’s leading fertility law firm, she has long experience managing professional services for families created through assisted reproduction, as well as supporting campaigning and policy work on surrogacy and donation. Helen is a CEDR accredited mediator. She has participated in leading international conferences on surrogacy and has an extensive network of contacts with agencies, medics and lawyers, in the UK and internationally. She has two grown-up boys.

Stephen Ashe, Brilliant Beginnings

Level-headed, professional and methodical, Stephen is one of the client managers at Brilliant Beginnings.  He has a varied background in management and also as a police detective, and is a father to two children born through surrogacy, giving him a strong desire to help others achieve their dreams of having children.

Stephen is involved in every aspect of supporting our intended parents, offering support and guidance from the first point of contact onwards, and with responsibility for developing effective relationships with intended parents, surrogates and the professional partners we work with. He also supports our surrogate program, and believes passionately in helping to drive surrogacy law reform in the UK law.

Dr Jeff Wang

Dr. Jeffrey Wang, medical director at American Fertility Services, is a recognized expert in third-party reproduction and has worked extensively to help singles and couples from across the globe become parents. Dr. Wang received his medical degree from University of Florida’s College of Medicine and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at New York Presbyterian / Columbia University, where he also held a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

As every patient’s journey to parenthood is unique, Dr. Wang provides personalized care and empowers his patients with knowledge so they can become partners in the decision-making process. A Taiwan native, Dr. Wang is fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Natalie Gamble, NGA Law

Natalie is known internationally, not only as the UK’s leading fertility lawyer, but also for her gentle tenacity which has enabled much needed changes in the UK legal system. She has campaigned for many years for same-sex parents and fertility patients, winning key legal changes on surrogacy and donation both in Parliament and in the High Court, and representing the parents in virtually all the key court cases which have shaped UK law on international surrogacy. She is a regular voice on the Today Program and Woman’s Hour and has been quoted in Parliament, ranked in the Independent on Sunday’s Pink List, invited to meet the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, and nominated for the Stonewall Hero of the Year Award.

She works closely with charities such as the Donor Conception Network, Surrogacy UK and Stonewall and is a former trustee of Infertility Network UK. She has two donor-conceived children as a same-sex parent, and has herself been an egg donor.

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