Surrogacy in the US

Surrogacy in the US is well established. Many UK parents choose US surrogacy because it offers a well-trodden path, easier access to screened surrogates, predictable match times, excellent fertility clinics, and certainty around legal parenthood.

In the US, surrogacy is available to all types of intended parents, regardless of gender, relationship status or sexual orientation (which makes it an option for single parents and gay dads, unlike some other international surrogacy destinations).

Find out more about how we can support your on your US surrogacy journey with our US surrogacy pathway.

How much does surrogacy in the US cost?


US surrogacy typically costs between £150,000 and £220,000 for UK parents – though costs do vary based on your situation and needs. While surrogacy in the US is safe, legally-recognised and ethical, this makes it the most expensive surrogacy option internationally.

Accurate budgeting requires understanding of all the costs involved in a US surrogacy journey, including agency fees, surrogate (and donor) expenses and compensation, fertility treatment costs, US health insurance for your surrogate and baby, US legal fees, UK legal fees for initial advice, wills, immigration and your parental order, and your personal travel and accommodation.

We can help you budget for US surrogacy


Brilliant Beginnings can help you budget for US surrogacy, offering personal advice as part of an Options Review consultation, or as an integral part of our US Surrogacy Pathway.

How does surrogacy in the US work?


The vast majority of surrogacy in the US is gestational surrogacy (rather than traditional surrogacy) which means that the surrogate is not biologically connected with the child she carries. An embryo is created via in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and transferred to the surrogate (or ‘gestational carrier’), who carries the child and gives birth. Where the intended parents are not able to provide the egg, this usually comes from a separate egg donor rather than from the surrogate.

Surrogacy in the US is typically a fully-managed journey supported by a team of professionals including:

  • a US surrogacy agency (which screens your surrogate, matches you and supports your relationship),
  • a US fertility clinic (which creates or imports your embryos and transfers them to your surrogate),
  • a US attorney (who helps you enter into an agreement with your surrogate, and follow the process required to become your child’s legal parents) and
  • other US professionals, such as escrow agents, insurance brokers and passport agents.

We can help you find the right US partners


Choosing the right US professionals to support you is a key part of any US surrogacy journey for UK parents. There is a wealth of choice, with thousands of potential providers offering a range of services with varying costs, style, approach and experience.

Brilliant Beginnings can help you, offering unrivalled experience and industry knowledge to support your choices and saving you time by doing the hard work for you. We accept no financial reciprocity and value our independence, which means you can feel confident that our advice is based only on your needs.

The legal framework for US surrogacy

In most US states the law supports and recognises gestational surrogacy. That means you can enter into a legally-recognised surrogacy agreement which makes you your child’s legal parents under US law and enables you to be recorded on their US birth certificate.

The specifics of the legal process vary depending on the state in which your child is born, and a US attorney will help with your agreement and guide you on what you need to do afterwards, whether that is to apply for a pre-birth order or comply with an administrative process.

It is also important to manage the UK legal issues. Even if you are named on your child’s US birth certificate, UK law will not recognise you as your child’s legal parents automatically.  UK law will instead treat your surrogate (and if married her spouse) as your child’s legal parents, which means you will need to navigate bringing your child home and applying to the High Court for a parental order to become your child’s legal parents.

A UK surrogacy solicitor can help you with the UK legal issues, including navigating entry to the UK with your baby, applying for your parental order and child’s UK passport and managing the limbo period by covering the gaps as far as possible (for example putting in place specialist wills).

We provide full UK legal support through our sibling organisation, NGA Law


At Brilliant Beginnings, we work closely alongside our sister organisation NGA Law, the UK’s most experienced surrogacy lawyers who have decades of experience working at the forefront of UK surrogacy law. Our US Surrogacy Pathway includes full UK legal support from NGA Law at every step.

Working with US surrogates


Compensation and expenses

Surrogates in the US are typically paid compensation openly in addition to their expenses. Agency screening processes are designed to ensure that surrogate candidates are suitable, secure and committed. In reality, and notwithstanding the compensated surrogacy framework, most UK parents find that US surrogates are motivated by a very similar desire to help others as UK surrogates.


Your relationship with your US surrogate

Most UK intended parents have a close direct relationship with their US surrogate throughout the pregnancy, and this frequently evolves into a lifelong connection.

However, relationships between intended parents and US surrogates vary, making it important to think about your preferences at the very beginning of your surrogacy journey so you are matched well.

Brilliant Beginnings worked with Cambridge University to carry out the world’s first peer-reviewed research into the experiences of UK parents going overseas for surrogacy.

One of the resulting research papers focused on parents’ relationships with their surrogates, finding that the overwhelming majority had positive experiences. Find out more about the research we did with Cambridge University about parents’ relationships with their surrogates.

How we can help you with surrogacy in the US


Brilliant Beginnings’ US Surrogacy Pathway provides trusted UK professional support with every step of the US surrogacy progress, working together with the UK’s leading surrogacy lawyers NGA Law, and offering a full service of end-to-end practical and legal support.

We also offer Options Review consultations if you want to access our experience and expertise via a personalised advice meeting.

NGA Law also offer a full range of UK legal services to support those going to the US for surrogacy independently of Brilliant Beginnings.

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