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Miscarriage and stillbirth support for surrogates and intended parents – read our practical guide for intended parents and surrogates who experience loss during a surrogacy journey.  You may also find our Miscarriage and Stillbirth Hospital Trust Support caring for surrogacy teams in these difficult circumstances useful.

Books and resources to support parents and surrogates talking to children about surrogacy

Our Story books and resources for parents

A library of books and resources for parents, as well as the surrogacy versions of the Our Story books (designed for children, with variations for different family structures and types of conception)

The kangaroo pouch

By Sarah Phillips

Why I’m so special

By Carla Lewis-Long

The very kind koala

By Kimberley Kluger-Bell

My mom is a surrogate

By Abigail Glass

You began as a wish

By Kim Bergman

Official guidance on surrogacy


The Department of Health and Social Care‘s Surrogacy Pathway document provides best practice guidance on all stages of the UK surrogacy process

CAFCASS (the Child and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) is involved in parental order applications in England and Wales, and produces information for families about their role and about talking to children about surrogacy

The HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority) Code of Practice Chapter 14 deals with how fertility clinics should manage surrogacy treatment in the UK

The FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office)’s Surrogacy Guidance for intended parents planning international surrogacy

Useful organisations

Donor Conception Network – a charity founded in 1993 which aims to support and guide parents in the issues they face and the feelings they have about creating and raising a family through donor conception and/or surrogacy. DCN offers  invaluable resources, workshops, community events and personal help.

National Childbirth Trust – one of the UK’s best-known organisations for antenatal and postnatal classes for new parents.  NCT is supportive of surrogacy although each local branch offers slightly different courses so it is well worth contacting your local branch to discuss your family needs.

Doula UK – an organisation of over 600 doulas across the UK.  Doulas support families through birth and early parenting on a one-to-one basis.  Doulas are not medically trained but provide holistic alternatives and support, working with both surrogates and intended parents.

NHS – the NHS has some useful online information for new parents about getting to know your baby.

Stonewall – the UK’s leading LGBT charity offers support on all LGBT issues and information about parenting.

Surrogacy law resources for families


Our sibling organisation and leading surrogacy law firm NGA Law has a free online knowledge centre where you can find:

  • Guidance on the law
  • Access to court forms and other documents you may need
  • Links to legislation and previous surrogacy cases

ACAS produces information about employment rights where you can find out more about claiming adoption leave

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