Surrogate Manager Tracey tells her story to Stylist magazine – February 2023

This month’s Stylist magazine includes a feature about Tracey Sims, talking about what it’s like to be a surrogate, telling her personal story and reflecting on her work as our Surrogate Manager at Brilliant Beginnings. 

Tracey’s personal journey to help others started in 2014 when a friend struggling to conceive inspired her to become first an egg donor and then later a surrogate. She says that Brilliant Beginnings stood out to her when she was researching UK surrogacy agencies because of our unique bespoke matching service. And its value proved itself.

Although her first surrogacy journey was sadly unsuccessful after the intended parents exhausted all their stored embryos and decided not to continue, she remains close friends with them, as well as with the couple who she carried a little girl for successfully in 2018. 

Tracey went on to become Brilliant Beginnings’ Surrogate Manager so is now responsible for help make those matches for other surrogates, as well as supporting them through the ups and downs of their own surrogacy journeys. Having been there herself she knows what drives others to become surrogates:

“More often than not, it’s because they understand what it means to be a parent, and they want to be able to help someone else have their own experience of parenthood”

And she feels it is a testament to the support we give that so many Brilliant Beginnings surrogates come back again:

“At Brilliant Beginnings we are seeing a lot of our surrogates coming back to do sibling journeys or wanting to be rematched for a second journey which I think is very positive to see.”

And ultimately what is it all about?

“When I see the photos, I feel so proud of what I’ve done – to have helped a family have a baby and to experience the milestones I’ve had as a parent. It means the world to me.”

You can read the full piece here.

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