The Brilliant Beginnings surrogates’ retreat 2021

Our surrogate community continues to grow in numbers as more amazing women join us to change the lives of others and help to give them the gift of a family. With everything our surrogates do; caring for their own children, often working and also embarking on a surrogacy journey, it is only right we take time to pamper and remind them of just how remarkable they are.

This year’s retreat had a different feel to it as we met virtually from our different homes. This proved to be a hit as we had more surrogates join us for the day than ever before!

It was great to see women joining us from the south coast, all the way up to the Scottish Highlands and everywhere in between! The aim of the morning was to allow the community to meet each other and share our experience of coming to surrogacy, all while drinking delicious tea, making unique crafts and enjoying some positive mindfulness.

We had a brilliant mix of experienced and new surrogates joining in the day, which made it especially meaningful for us as some were able to reflect on journeys already completed with BB as well as discussing plans for the future, including more surrogacy!

The feedback from those who attended has been overwhelmingly positive, with one surrogate asking “can we do this every Saturday?” Our surrogates have loved the opportunity to connect with each other and hear stories that mirror their own and it was empowering for some to see the journey’s experienced by others as they prepare their first steps.

Everyone agreed it was lovely to have an opportunity to feel special, with one surrogate saying “I loved the retreat and felt really spoiled!” A video showcasing the day, along with more testimonials from the day will be available soon. More retreats, exclusive to our surrogates, will also be planned for later in the year.