The Independent feature on surrogacy in the UK

The Independent has published a feature about surrogacy in the UK, asking: is this legal, how does it work and how much does it cost? Brilliant Beginnings was pleased to help with the article and gave some information about the costs of surrogacy in the UK:


“While it is illegal to pay someone to be your surrogate in the UK, intended parents are expected to cover expenses. Brilliant Beginnings – an organisation that supports gestational surrogates – states that expenses in the UK can include anything from travel costs, treatment costs, maternity clothes, counselling or professional support in connection with surrogacy, childcare costs and any loss of earnings. Reimbursement can be agreed as a lump sum or paid on a case by case basis as the expenses arise. Intended parents should also consider the cost of fertility treatment and any other legal fees including the drawing up or help with parental order applications via an organisation. The average cost for expenses is estimated to range from around £7,000 to £15,000.”