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Parents we help

We help a diverse range of parents building families through surrogacy.

We believe that families thrive with love and confidence, no matter what their structure or how they were made.

To access our UK and US Surrogacy Pathways, you must


Be ‘domiciled’ in the UK – if you originate from somewhere other than the UK, or if you live overseas, you may need legal advice to confirm whether you meet this criteria.

Fall within our age limits – we work with intended parents who are over 21 and under 50 for our UK Surrogacy Pathway, or under 55 (or if you are a couple have a joint age of less than 110) for our US Surrogacy Pathway.

If you do not meet these criteria


We can still help you with our:

Surrogacy Consultation – to help you explore your options.

Surrogacy Agreement Pathway – if you have already found a UK surrogate.

Our sister organisation NGA Law can also provide you with legal advice.


Different-sex parents

Male same-sex parents

Single dads

Single mums

Female same-sex parents

Transgender parents

How we can help you

Surrogacy consultations

Expert impartial advice about how surrogacy works and the routes available to you in the UK and abroad

Our UK surrogacy pathway

Our fully-managed UK surrogacy service, including one-to-one matching with a prepared surrogate and support through every step

Our US surrogacy pathway

Steering you through a safe and ethical US surrogacy journey from planning and budgeting to bringing your baby home