Brilliant Beginnings’ new holistic UK surrogacy pathway with NGA Law


Since the birth of Brilliant Beginnings in 2013 we have always worked in tandem with our sibling organisation NGA Law to offer professionally-managed UK surrogacy and to ensure our clients have access to the very best UK surrogacy law advice.

We are now delighted to be offering a holistic UK Surrogacy Pathway, working with the NGA Law team to fully integrate both the practical and legal aspects of ethical UK surrogacy journeys in one seamless ‘end-to-end’ service, from match to becoming the legal parents of your child.

How will the new holistic service work?

Once we have identified a match with a screened and prepared surrogate, intended parents will be allocated a legal manager from NGA Law, who will work together with you and your Brilliant Beginnings client manager to guide you through your surrogacy journey.  At all stages we will ensure the legal issues are factored in, with early and continuing legal advice, specialist wills, legal support with birth preparations, preparing the evidence for your parental order application and support with the court process to become your child’s legal parents (either helping you to run the parental order application yourselves on our basic pathway, or legally representing you and managing the whole process on our premium pathway).  We will also separately arrange legal advice and wills for our surrogates with a different independent solicitor.

Legal support will fully integrate with the existing Brilliant Beginnings non-profit service to make the process smoother, easier and simpler to budget for.

What are your new professional fees?

Brilliant Beginnings’ fees (charged on a non-profit basis) remain unchanged, and there will be one combined fee for NGA Law’s legal services which represents a discount against the cost of paying for legal advice, wills and your parental order separately.  Our professional fees will be staged as you move through your surrogacy journey:

• On application – £750 plus VAT (Brilliant Beginnings)

• When we have a match for you – £6,000 plus VAT (Brilliant Beginnings) and £1,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

• Before your agreement meeting – £6,000 plus VAT (Brilliant Beginnings) and £1,000 plus VAT (NGA Law)

• On your 20 week scan – £2,500 plus VAT (NGA Law) , and

• On birth (if you have opted for our premium pathway) – £3,500 plus VAT (NGA Law)

Total: £20,750 plus VAT and expenses (premium UK Surrogacy Pathway) or £17,250 plus VAT and expenses (basic UK Surrogacy Pathway).  In addition you will need to budget for your surrogate’s expenses (including screening expenses) and your fertility treatment.

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