Wired Magazine reports on surrogacy births during the pandemic

“With flights grounded and borders closed, coronavirus is creating chaos in the surrogacy industry.”

Wired Magazine has published a feature about the challenges experienced by parents with children born through international surrogacy during the pandemic.  Quoting us, it says: “Brilliant Beginnings, a UK not-for-profit agency that facilitates international surrogacy, has about 35 ongoing cases where travel is an issue.  ‘We’ve sorted out a good system with the Home Office to get children who are born abroad British passports issued, now we have work with the Foreign Office on travel’ says fertility lawyer and Brilliant Beginnings founder Natalie Gamble. ‘There are lots of moving parts.”

Read the article in full here: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/coronavirus-lockdown-surrogacy-industry (for clarity, Brilliant Beginnings does not facilitate surrogacy in Ukraine – it was our sister organisation NGA Law which had families struggling to get in and out of the Ukraine when this article was published).

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