We are hosting a free event on US surrogacy and the key steps of a journey on 14th July 2022

We are hosting a free event on US surrogacy with a the key steps of a journey, with speakers from Brilliant Beginnings, NGA Law and Pinnacle Fertility group. This event will take place online on Thursday 14th July 2022.

US surrogacy offers UK intended parents a tried and tested route to completing their family. At this event, we will explain everything that you need to consider when planning your journey to ensure that you have the right organisations by your side throughout.

Laura Clarke, a client manager, nurse and 3 times experienced surrogate, will explain the practical steps of managing a US surrogacy journey from the UK and how Brilliant Beginnings supports intended parents. Legal expert Natalie Gamble, from NGA Law, will cover the legal process for securing parentage under UK law.

We will be joined by US clinicians from Pinnacle Fertility group, Dr Guy Ringler and Dr Brandon Bankowski, who will discuss some of the key clinical steps to plan for. Craig Reisser, who is the Director of International for Pinnacle Fertility and a parent himself through US surrogacy, will also be on hand to share his experience.


“We are so happy and feel so supported by you. Thank you for sharing our journey with us.” – Brilliant Beginnings parents through US Surrogacy


Event Details

The event will take place on: Thursday 14th July 2022, 7pm – 8pm

This online event will be conducted via Microsoft Teams. Sign up only requires a few details, such as name and email address – so the meeting link can be sent to you.

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Our speakers

Dr. Guy Ringler, California Fertility Partners – a Pinnacle Fertility clinic

In clinical practice for over twenty years, Dr. Guy Ringler has developed a large international referral practice due to his excellent patient rapport and expertise in IVF, surrogacy and gay family building at California Fertility Partners.

As one of the world’s first fertility doctors to help gay men become fathers through egg donation and surrogacy, Dr. Ringler has been recognized by the American Fertility Association (AFA) with an Achievement Award. He regularly lends his voice to the public conversation about gay family-building as a spokesperson for GLAAD and a contributor to the Huffington Post.

Dr. Ringler has worked closely with the AFA to increase public awareness of fertility options for people with HIV, and he has helped many HIV-positive people have children through assisted reproduction. Dr. Ringler is on the advisory board of Men Having Babies and lives in Los Angeles with his husband, Mark Rios.


Dr. Brandon Bankowski, ORM Fertility – a Pinnacle Fertility clinic


Dr. Bankowski is one of the most-respected and experienced US physicians helping intended parents build their families through surrogacy.

He is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist with extensive experience in IVF, egg donation, surrogacy and genomics. He has practiced at ORM Fertility (formerly Oregon Reproductive Medicine) since 2005. He and his partners at ORM have helped intended parents from across the world build their families. Dr. Bankowski is passionate about providing ORM’s patients the best care and the highest chance for success on their first attempt, while looking after the genetic health of their family.

His vision lead to the formation of ORM’s industry-leading reproductive genomics program, as well as the integration of advanced genetic screening of all donors in ORM’s donor program. He is committed to helping intended parents using surrogacy have the very best chance of a healthy baby on their first attempt.


Craig Reisser, Director of International, Pinnacle Fertility, and parent through egg donation and surrogacy


Craig is a parent through surrogacy and egg donation in the USA. He and his partner have two boys. He was a patient at ORM Fertility and his two back-to-back surrogacy journeys, during which he had first time success each time, took him and his partner just under 3 years to build their family. Craig has helped hundreds of intended parents worldwide get started building their families. Based in London, Craig is now Director of International for Pinnacle Fertility and is responsible for helping patients outside of the US get their family building started with Pinnacle Fertility.


Laura Clarke, Brilliant Beginnings

Laura’s warmth and kindness have shone through her career as an NHS nurse for over 15 years and now as a client manager with Brilliant Beginnings supporting our teams in both the UK and the US. She has a degree in Public Health, has successfully carried four children as a surrogate across three surrogacy journeys, the last with Brilliant Beginnings. With her combination of surrogacy and medical experience, she adds empathy, practicality and understanding to any journey. She has two beautiful children of her own and believes passionately in making surrogacy easier.


Natalie Gamble, NGA Law

Natalie is known internationally, not only as the UK’s leading fertility lawyer, but also for her gentle tenacity which has enabled much needed changes in the UK legal system. She has campaigned for many years for same-sex parents and fertility patients, winning key legal changes on surrogacy and donation both in Parliament and in the High Court, and representing the parents in virtually all the key court cases which have shaped UK law on international surrogacy. She has two donor-conceived children as a same-sex parent, and has herself been an egg donor.


Please register in advance for this event.

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