Getting to know us: Esther Ezquerro – Client Manager

This is one of a series from the wonderful Brilliant Beginnings team. In this series, each team member will be sharing a bit more about themselves, offering some insight into what we do for a living and in life!

Getting to know Esther Ezquerro

My mother is Dutch, my father is Spanish from the north of Spain – hence the surname! I speak these two languages and we have family in both countries. I have lived here most of my life.

Growing up I was always the odd kid with the accent, interesting food in my lunch box and very colourful clothes. Being different isn’t easy when you’re young. But it does help to shape you. I feel it has made me much more aware and observant in social situations, especially the small details in communication styles. I feel an affinity to those with different cultural backgrounds and people with anything ‘different’ about them. Maybe that’s where this role sits well with me. I do also feel I am more confident to just say what I feel and think rather than hide it. I embraced difference and am a true believer in being able to discuss anything and everything. More opportunity to learn and grow that way.

I have always loved travel and we’ve always been lucky to have a lot of holidays as a family which opened my eyes to the joys of new cultures, food and experiences. Food is a big one and a lot of my memories revolve around where I ate what! At the heart of my family is food.

David Attenborough has always been my hero, the time I spent in Costa Rica working on conservation projects before university will always be my happy place. Wild cats, turtle sanctuary and the jungle. It really was the most incredible experience and set off my passion for more independent adventures. At 20 weeks pregnant we were road tripping across 7 States to visit as many national parks as possible Yellow Stone, the Arches and Grand Canyon amongst them. Travel, culture, food and nature – love. I do also love returning home and at heart, if my family is around, that’s where I’m happiest.

My son was born in November 2019 and while I was not planning to expand our family just yet (being terrified of giving birth), his arrival has brought incredible joy. He really has filled a space in my heart I never knew was missing. While I feel ‘Rona’ hijacked my maternity leave it has also meant that my husband has been able to experience many more ‘firsts’ than he would have done. I firmly believe in finding the silver lining.

Working at BB

In terms of my role here, well – I feel very lucky to have found a job I love. Like most people I have had many roles, all a little different from the one before. Never quite knowing what I wanted to do I just figured I’d give everything a go and eventually I would find something I feel passionate about. Originally studying International Relations, and then later on Law I certainly walked many paths to get here, but I have built up so much experience along the way. Having friends with fertility issues and adoption in my own family I feel I have personal and professional experience of alternative families, so working at Brilliant Beginnings really is where I fit.

I have so much respect for surrogates and intended parents, a huge admiration for each team I am able to support whether at home or abroad. Seeing their relationship develop and the great friendships that remain is as wonderful as is being able to see the intended parents with their new addition! Supporting clients in such a life changing journey really is a privilege. I love what I do and look forward to meeting many more teams to support.

By Esther Ezquerro, Client Manager

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