Getting to know BB: Nicky Reid, Case Manager

We are delighted to welcome Nicky to the Brilliant Beginnings team as a Case Manager. As part of our ongoing series, she shares a little about what brought her to surrogacy and working with BB, and about her life outside as a mum.

Getting to know Nicky

Hi! I’m Nicky. Mum to 3 very boisterous boys. The eldest is 10 and loves football. The middle is almost 8 and is my little karate ninja. The youngest is 5 and not really sure what he is about yet, but has just started gymnastics!

I am a single mum, but their dad is very much around and involved in their daily lives. If you didn’t think having 3 boys was enough, I also have a dog called Apollo. We got him at 9 weeks old and he has grown massively in the last 20 months. He is a Rottweiler-Lurcher cross, and very much a “teenager”, getting into lots of mischief.

Aside from my boys I love to read, and in October 2020 I joined Usborne as an Independent Usborne Organiser. My passion is to get books into the hands of as many children as possible, and I recently worked with a local charity to do just that. We raised £250 which was used to buy books for the children in the struggling families that the charity supports.

Before coming to BB, I worked for a large bingo company. I joined at the age of 17 and spent nearly 24 years climbing the ladder from a team member at my local club, to being part of the management team and then on to become an auditor. COVID-19 hit, changes were made and I decided to accept redundancy and move on.

I stumbled across surrogacy when I was looking at egg donation, and applied thinking that they’d never want to take me on being too old (40 at the time). I have been lucky enough to be matched with incredible intended parents who have a little boy through surrogacy and would now like to have a sibling for him. We are due to start IVF treatment imminently which is both exciting and scary.

Not only did I get through each stage of the surrogacy application process, but when a position became available as a Case Manager at Brilliant Beginnings, I jumped at it and am so excited to be lucky enough to join the team. I can’t wait to meet, work with, and support the wonderful people that are waiting to be matched, and help make their dreams of having a family come true.

By Nicky Reid, Case Manager & Brilliant Surrogate


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