My surrogacy journey: Chloe shares her experience as a BB surrogate

One of our Brilliant Surrogates sent us a lovely email, which she gave us permission to share with you all, to give a flavour of what it is like to be supported through surrogacy preparation and our unique one-to-one personal matching at Brilliant Beginnings.

A Brilliant Surrogate’s experience, in her own words

Here’s what she had to say:

I just want to start off and say my intended parents are absolutely amazing. We are talking on a daily basis, and have another video call arranged for Monday evening (eeek!). It really is so exciting and going sooo well. So a massive thank you for a great match

I am over the moon with the support I have had right from the start and still continuing throughout my journey. From our first call, and just listening to all the information you knew and how easy you were to talk to, I made my mind up that Brilliant Beginnings was the company I wanted to proceed my surrogacy journey with. I felt we clicked straight away and after the call my face hurt from laughing so much. Throughout the process you have always kept me up to date and checked in even if there was no progress. I absolutely loved getting to know you this last year and I am hoping we stay in contact now you have found me an amazing couple that I am matched with.

You have listened to every detail of my life and my wishes about who I would love to help and when they say we have found you a “Match” I honestly don’t think you could have found a better one. My intended parents are honestly the most sweet, caring and honest couple and I cannot explain how happy I am for all your hard work as a team to make this happen. I know this is your job but seeing the enthusiasm and excitement as a team really makes me feel important and excited straight back. That being said, this has definitely made my whole journey worth it and now the real journey begins.

As you know COVID-19 has made things really hard to do, as in meeting up for retreats and home visits, but it hasn’t stopped anything from happening. I was so lucky to get invited to a retreat in Jan 2021. I was a little nervous but as soon as I saw you I relaxed and enjoyed every minute, from the retreat box that we got through the post and all the lovely gifts (I am still wearing my bracelet) to the chats and meditation, the whole experience was amazing and hopefully we can do it again. I love our video calls as well. I know it’s not the same as meeting in person but it’s so much better than a normal phone call. I can’t thank you enough!

So I just want to say a massive thank you to you and the team. Any lady that decides to join your company will definitely have a high class experience.

Find out more about being a Brilliant Surrogate

You can find out about how to be a Brilliant Surrogate on our Become A Surrogate page. You can also read more personal accounts from intended parents and surrogates in our Personal Stories section.

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