Support for surrogacy if you are working with someone you already know

At Brilliant Beginnings, we have over ten years’ experience offering the UK’s highest level of professional surrogacy care. One of the things we often do, but don’t often shout about, is supporting UK parents and surrogates who have found each other already. That includes:

What they have in common is having already found a match, but wanting the reassurance of the practical, legal and emotional support we offer.


What services do you offer to surrogacy teams which are already matched?

We offer a flexible range of services, to give you the support you feel is right for you:

  •  You can book a one-off Surrogacy Consultation with one of our Client Managers just to talk through the surrogacy process and get guidance on what to consider and what to do.
  • Our basic Surrogacy Agreement Pathway service provides more in-depth support to get you set up for a surrogacy journey. It includes a series of guidance and support meetings with a Brilliant Beginnings Client manager and our Surrogate Manager, detailed help working through the surrogate’s expenses, support with discussing and putting in place your surrogacy agreement, as well as surrogacy preparation counselling with a BICA-accredited counsellor, and legal advice and specialist wills (provided by NGA Law for the intended parents and an independent solicitor for the surrogate).
  • If you wish you can also opt for our Ongoing Support service. This continues from our basic service, and means our support doesn’t stop at set-up but continues throughout your surrogacy journey. Your Brilliant Beginnings Client Manager will continue to support you through every step of your fertility treatment and pregnancy and help you prepare for the birth, providing practical guidance and supporting communication between you to keep your relationship on track and help you resolve any little niggles that arise.  The service also includes ongoing legal advice, as well as legal representation or support with your parental order application from NGA Law.
  • We also have a separate option for surrogate screening, which gives reassurance and support to both intended parents and surrogates where you don’t already know each other well and want to feel confident that you are safe and prepared for all that surrogacy involves.

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We met online on an independent surrogacy forum – can we still work with an agency like Brilliant Beginnings? Why would we?

Our Surrogacy Agreement Pathway is tailored to your needs, offering as much or little support as you feel is appropriate. We can include screening and preparation of your surrogate, which is of reassurance to some intended parents (and surrogates) to help make sure that a surrogate is safe to proceed – medically, psychologically and emotionally – and to support your discussions as you build your relationship with each other.

We also work closely with your surrogate to work through her expenses and make sure she has considered everything that could arise and is agreeing to an arrangement which makes it possible for her and her family to engage in surrogacy comfortably.

We can also support with putting together your surrogacy agreement, so that everyone knows what each other’s hopes and expectations are throughout your journey together as well as what plans you have in place if things don’t go as expected.

We also offer ongoing support throughout treatment, pregnancy and right up to your parental order, through our sister organisation NGA Law.

Having Brilliant Beginnings support you throughout your whole journey means you will have everything you need to keep you on track, make your journey go as smoothly as possible and, if there are bumps in the road, have access to impartial professional support. You will be supported by professionals who have navigated these issues many times before and know how best support to you as a team.

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We are doing surrogacy with a family member – what practical and emotional support can we get?

It can be tempting to assume that, because you are family, you don’t need to be as careful with a surrogacy arrangement as you might otherwise be. However, surrogacy can have unique emotional and practical challenges that you can’t always anticipate, and in some ways it is even more important to proceed carefully and with professional support. You need to be sure that your relationship will stay strong through the inevitable challenges of a surrogacy journey and that surrogacy won’t impact negatively on your own and wider family relationships if things don’t go to plan.

It helps to have appropriate professional support to not only take you through the practical steps of preparing for your journey together, but also to support everyone through the emotional ups and downs. It can help give you space to focus on your relationship with the peace of mind that you have impartial guidance to help you make key decisions and steady your journey.

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What can you offer us as existing friends embarking on a surrogacy journey?

At Brilliant Beginnings, we support surrogacy teams who are existing friends or colleagues, building on your existing relationship to help you navigate the surrogacy process together confidently.

You can choose the level of support you need, whether this is an introductory steer on what you need to know, help with getting things set up and putting your agreement in place, or a fully-managed service in which we support you all the way through right to the granting of your parental order after the birth. From early guidance and preparation, helping you work through expenses and support navigating practical and emotional considerations, right up to supporting you with your UK parental order with the team at NGA Law, we can be there for you to make your surrogacy journey as smooth and well-managed as possible. Our service is designed for just this and as the foremost experts in the UK for surrogacy, we can help you plan for every eventuality.

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