Video: Q&A with London Women’s Clinic about the treatment process for surrogacy

At Brilliant Beginnings, we get a lot of questions from intended parents and surrogates about what to expect when they reach the clinic stage and what to expect. To help illuminate the process, we have joined with the London Women’s Clinic to create a concise video answering common queries.

In this video, Client Manager and nurse Laura Clarke speaks openly with Mimi Arian-Schad (Director of Nursing at the London Women’s Clinic), to address some of the most commonly asked questions surrogates and intended parents have about treatment.  Mimi has over 2 decades of experience in the fertility sector and has seen surrogacy grow significantly over the last 5 years. She is able to give a realistic insight in to the steps needed to get surrogacy teams to the point of embryo transfer and beyond.

Watch the Q&A with London Women’s Clinic

How we can help, if you have more questions

Brilliant Beginnings exists to guide and support both surrogates and intended parents, not only at the treatment stage, but at every stage of your surrogacy journey. 

We have experience and work with a number of different clinics, including established and experienced ones like Mimi and the team at London Women’s Clinic, so we can always guide you to finding the right fit – that includes if you choose surrogacy in the US or Canada, along with the UK.

For considering becoming surrogates, our Surrogate Managers are readily available to answer any questions, big or small. Our Surrogate Managers have been surrogates themselves, so they bring personal experience along with information about all the things to consider, including with treatment.

We also work with intended parents looking to embark on surrogacy.  Our joint Brilliant Beginnings and NGA Law’s surrogacy pathways here in the UK, as well as for the US and Canada, are designed to ensure that our surrogates and intended parents have support from our experienced team at every point in their surrogacy journey. This includes advice on clinics that work well for them and their unique circumstances. For those at an early stage of exploring their options, we can give advice through our Options Review Meeting, talking through the things to consider at clinics and in relation to embryos.  

We welcome you to get in touch to find out more about surrogacy.

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